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Coreutils in Pure Python

Project description

What is this?

PyCoreutils is a pure Python implementation of various standard UNIX commands, like ‘ls’, ‘cp’ and ‘gzip’. It also contains, a shell-like environment which will make Unix-users feel right at home on the Windows command-prompt.

Now why you wanna go and do that?

  1. Fun!

  2. Have a Linux-like shell environment in Windows.

  3. Create a Python-only Linux distribution.


PyCoreutils requires Python 2.6 or greater. It also works on Python 3.


To install the last stable version, use:

pip install pycoreutils


easy_install pycoreutils

To install the latest development code, try:

pip install bzr+


Releases and documentation can be found at The source code can be found at

Haven’t I seen this before?

David Cantrell also has a project with the same name at His project is a little different in that it uses C-bindings, is GPL-licensed and is structured differently.


Copyright (c) 2009, 2010, 2011 Hans van Leeuwen. See LICENSE.txt for details.


This is alpha software, Not all the flags in the help-section are implemented, and some behave different than one might expect.

List of available commands

  • arch

  • base64

  • basename

  • bunzip2

  • bzip2

  • cal

  • cat

  • cd

  • chroot

  • chown

  • chroot

  • cp

  • crond

  • dirname

  • env

  • expand

  • gunzip

  • gzip

  • httpd

  • id

  • kill

  • ln

  • logger

  • ls

  • md5sum

  • mkdir

  • mktemp

  • mv

  • nl

  • pwd

  • rm

  • rmdir

  • sendmail

  • seq

  • sh

  • sha1sum

  • sha224sum

  • sha256sum

  • sha384sum

  • sha512sum

  • shred

  • shuf

  • sleep

  • smtpd

  • sort

  • tar

  • tee

  • touch

  • uname

  • wc

  • wget

  • whoami

  • yes

  • zip

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