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PyCounters is a light weight library to monitor performance and events in production systems

Project description

Checkout for more details.

  • Fixed: a busy leader which doesn’t respond to a ping on a timely fashion was not handled correctly.

  • NEW: new types of counters MaxWindowCounter, MinWindowCounter

  • IMPORTANT: changes in package structure, counters module split int sub modules. Backward compatible as long as no internals were used.

  • Fixed: removing a counter by name caused an exception

  • Fixed: too short queue on multi process server caused pycounters to fail if used on >~10 processes

  • Fixed: starting up a new process in a multi-process auto election setup caused JSON reporter to output an empty file (which will then be updated in the next cycle)

  • Fixed - locking issue with JSON output files

  • Fixed - EventCounter did not respond to events keyword argument

  • added a patcher util class to allow injecting events to existing libraries/code.

  • decoupled counter names from the names of events they count. Still, by default a counter will count events with it’s name

  • shortcut decorators now take the name of the function they wrap as a default event name

  • Added a role option to multi process reporting initializations.

  • Made all report_* and shortcuts decorators usable as context managers.

  • Munin plugin now ignores old reports by default

  • Counters which doesn’t have any value now return None instead of 0.

  • Fixed an issue with aggregation of average values when not all sources had the same value

  • Added output_report() to allow manual initiation of reports.

  • Added a file, so that CHANGES.txt will come along.

  • Added multiprocess support.

  • Extended EventLogger to allow regex based filtering of events it logs.

  • Added JSONFileReporter to output reports in JSON format

  • Added a utility to facilitate writing Munin plugins

  • Initial Release

Project details

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pycounters-0.7.tar.gz (32.1 kB view hashes)

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pycounters-0.7.macosx-10.9-intel.exe (88.3 kB view hashes)

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