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A neat country call code retriever

Project description

PyCountryCode documentation!

What it is?

I have always loved knowing stuff. I love knowledge, it is my first love before anything else. In every kind of setup I find myself in I am always participating because I almost always have an idea about most things. This love of knowledge also made it easy for me to know more country telephone codes.

However, the truth is I couldn't cram them all the country codes and retrieve them from my mind every time it became necessary. I knew by heart those of the most popular countries that includes Russia (+7), UK (+44), USA (+1), Australia (+61) and of course Zimbabwe amongst many others.


Someone wanted to know what code +52 was for which country, I didn't know, I was embarrassed at myself. I challenged myself by writing this package so I and anyone else can use to get the country calling code of any country and also to get a country after passing in a calling code you know but are not sure about the country of origin.


I wanted to write something that others could find useful.


$ pip install pycountrycode

Use as per environment

$ pip3 install pycountrycode
$ python3
Windows Command Prompt
C:\Users\Andile Xeroxzen> pip install pycountrycode
C:\Users\Andile Xeroxzen> python

Importing the 'get_code' function

>>> from pycountrycode.countrycode import get_code
>>> get_code('Zimbabwe')
>>> get_code('New Zealand')
>>> get_code('Peru')
>>> get_code('Madagascar')
>>> get_code('Russia')
>>> get_code('Australia')
>>> get_code('Israel')
>>> get_code('Mal')
'Undefined country'

Importing the 'get_country' function.

>>> from pycountrycode.countrycode import get_country
>>> get_country('+52')
>>> get_country('+56')
'Easter Island'
>>> get_country('+1')
'United States of America'
>>> get_country('+7')
>>> get_country('+44')
>>> get_country('+86')
>>> get_country('+3')
'Undefined country code'
>>> get_country('+2')
'Undefined country code'
>>> get_country('+27')
'South Africa'

Package Information

>>> import pycountrycode
>>> pycountrycode.__author__
'Andile Jaden Mbele'
>>> pycountrycode.__email__
>>> pycountrycode.__github__
>>> pycountrycode.__package__


>>> from pycountrycode.countrycode import get_code, get_country
>>> get_code('Botswana')
>>> get_country('+33')

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