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Simple Python extensions.

Project description


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Several simple extensions that add some nifty features to Python.

NEWS: There is now a PyExt newsgroup on Google Groups. See!forum/pyext.

Some features:

- Function overloading
- Switch statement
- Runtime module creation
- Tail recursion removal
- Python 2 function annotations
- Python 2 safe tuple unpacking


Function overloading::

def f(a): print 'Function 1 called'
def f(a, b): print 'Function 2 called'

f(1, 2)

Switch statement::

with switch(1):
if case(0): print 'Awkward...'; case.quit() # case.quit() is the same as break
if case(2): print '???'
if case(1): print 'Phew! It works!'
if case.default(): print 'Ummmm...'

Function annotations::

@fannotate('Return annotation', a=1, b=2)
def x(a, b):
return 0


- Add some more tests

.. note:: Please ignore this project's messy commit history(several commits under invalid_email_address, about 20 commits labeled Initial). I was trying to use hg-git and kept goofing stuff up.

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