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A Python interface to Textile's Powergate Filecoin API

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Pygate gRPC client

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A Python interface to Textile's Powergate Filecoin API. See the project website for more details.


You can get started using pygate_grpc by installing it through the PyPi repository.

pip install pygate_grpc


The main component of the package is the PowerGateClient class.

Here is a basic usage example of the pygate_grpc:

from pygate_grpc.client import PowerGateClient

client = PowerGateClient("", is_secure=False)

build_info = client.build_info()

Simple as that!

Note: this examples assumes you have a Powergate server running with an API available at See Textile's Powergate Localnet. The is_secure=False flag indicates that SSL is not enabled on this server.

Examples of more elaborated usage can be found in the examples folder.


Please read contribution guidelines before starting development.

To setup your development environment make sure you have the following software:

Clone the repository

git clone

Install dependencies

The runtime and development dependencies can be installed in a new virtual environment automatically by running the following command in the project root directory:

pipenv install --dev

NOTE: The --dev flag can be ommited if you only need runtime dependencies

Using the virtual environment

To run any command through pipenv's virtual environment you can spawn a new virtual environment shell by running:

pipenv shell

Code Style

This project uses black code formatter for consistency. Since the are not any precommit hooks defined in the repository yet please format your code before opening a pull request.

Automatic formatting can be performed by running:

pipenv run format

Running the tests

Currently the test suite is very minimal. Full Testing is in the project's roadmap but it will be developed only if the timeframe of the Hackathon allows to do so.

Integration Tests

Integration tests spin up a localnet using the official script from powergate repository and the test cases are run using that network. By implication, to run the test make sure you have the following dependencies installed:

  • docker-compose
  • docker
  • git

To run the integration tests run:

pipenv run integration-test


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.

To automatically bump the version of the package run:

bump2version major|minor|patch

Finally, to push the new version to git and trigger a new release action it is necessary to add the --tags flag at the time of pushing. i.e.:

git push origin main --tags


MIT © Antreas Pogiatzis, Wang Ge, Peter Van Garderen, Aaron Sutula

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