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Python Wrapper for GitGuardian's API -- Scan security policy breaks everywhere

Project description

py-gitguardian - GitGuardian API Client

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API client library for the GitGuardian API.

The GitGuardian API puts at your fingertips the power to detect more than 200 types of secrets in any text content, as well as other potential security vulnerabilities.

py-gitguardian can be used to create integrations to scan various data sources, from your workstation's filesystem to your favorite chat application.

You can check API details here with all the response codes and expected structures on each method.


Python 3.7+

Projects using py-gitguardian

Getting started

You can obtain API keys for API usage on your dashboard.


pip3 install --upgrade pygitguardian


pipenv install pygitguardian


poetry add pygitguardian


Check examples/ for full examples on how to use py-gitguardian.

Scanning text content

# please don't hardcode your gg_api_key in source code :)
API_KEY = os.getenv("GG_API_KEY")
    import urllib.request
    url = ''
    response = urllib.request.urlopen(url)

client = GGClient(api_key=API_KEY)

# Check the health of the API and the API key used.
if client.health_check().success:
        scan_result = client.content_scan(DOCUMENT)
    except Exception as exc:
        # Handle exceptions such as schema validation
        traceback.print_exc(2, file=sys.stderr)
    print("Invalid API Key")

Scanning multiple files

API_KEY = os.getenv("GG_API_KEY")
client = GGClient(api_key=API_KEY)

# Create a list of dictionaries for scanning
file_paths = (pathlib.Path(name) for name in glob.iglob("**/*", recursive=True))
to_scan = [
    {"filename":, "document": path.read_text(errors="replace")}
    for path in file_paths

scan = client.multi_content_scan(to_scan)

Transform results to dict or JSON

Any model in py-gitguardian can be turned to a JSON string or a dictionary using the to_dict and to_json methods.

from pygitguardian.models import Detail

detail = Detail("Invalid API Key.")


Py-gitguardian depends on these excellent libraries:

  • requests - HTTP client
  • marshmallow - Request (de)serialization and input validation

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