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Reads log file lines that have not been read.

Project description

A python “port” of logcheck’s logtail2.

Pygtail reads log file lines that have not been read. It will even handle log files that have been rotated.


From the command line:

Usage: [options] logfile

Print log file lines that have not been read.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OFFSET_FILE, --offset-file=OFFSET_FILE
                        File to which offset data is written (default:
  -p, --paranoid        Update the offset file every time we read a line
                        (as opposed to only when we reach the end of the
  -n N, --every-n=N     Update the offset file every N'th time we read a
                        line (as opposed to only when we reach the end of
                        the file).
  --no-copytruncate     Don't support copytruncate-style log rotation.
                        Instead, if the log file shrinks, print a warning.
  --read-from-end       Read log file from the end if offset file is
                        missing. Useful for large files.
  --log-pattern         Custom log rotation glob pattern. Use %s to
                        represent the original filename. You may use this
                        multiple times to provide multiple patterns.
  --full_lines          Only log when line ends in a newline `\n`
                        (default: False)
  --encoding ENCODING   Encoding to use for reading files (default: system
  --version             Print version and exit.

In your code:

from pygtail import Pygtail

for line in Pygtail("some.log"):

An example showing iterating over lines with offsets and manual control over offset updates:

import pygtail

tail = pygtail.Pygtail(logfile, save_on_end=False, copytruncate=False)

for line, offset in tail.with_offsets():
    # Do someting

# figure out right offset to save


Pull requests are very much welcome, but I will not merge your changes if you don’t include a test. Run tests with python test.

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