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An async python library for controlling HEOS devices through the HEOS CLI Protocol

Project description


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An async python library for controlling HEOS devices through the HEOS CLI Protocol (version 1.17 for players with firmware 2.41.140 or newer).


pip install pyheos


pip install --use-wheel pyheos

Getting Started

The Heos class is the implementation providing control to all HEOS compatible devices on the local network through a single network connection. It is suggested to connect to a device that is hard-wired.

pyheos.Heos(host, *, timeout, heart_beat, all_progress_events, dispatcher)

  • host: str: The IP Address or hostname of a HEOS device on the local network. This parameter is required.
  • timeout: float: Number of seconds to wait during connection and issuing commands. Default is pyheos.const.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 5.0. This parameter is required.
  • heart_beat: Optional[float]: Number of seconds since last activity to issue a heart-beat command. Default is pyheos.const.DEFAULT_HEART_BEAT = 60.0. Set this parameter to None to disable heart-beat.
  • all_progress_events: Set to True to receive signals for each media play-back progression or False to only receive a signal when media state transitions to playing or changes. Default is True. This parameter is required.
  • dispatcher: Optional[pyheos.Dispatcher]: An instance of dispatcher to use for raising signals. The default is None which results in use of the default dispatcher implementation.

pyheos.Heos.connect(*, auto_reconnect, reconnect_delay)

Connect to the specified host. This method is a coroutine.

  • auto_reconnect: bool: Set to True to automatically reconnect to the host upon disconnection. The default is False.
  • reconnect_delay: float: The number of seconds to wait before attempting to reconnect upon a connection failure. The default is DEFAULT_RECONNECT_DELAY = 5.0


Disconnect from the specified host. This method is a coroutine.

pyheos.Heos.get_players(*, refresh)

Retrieve the available players as a Dict[int, pyheos.Heos.HeosPlayer] where the key represents the player_id and the value the HeosPlayer instance. This method is a coroutine. This method will populate the players property and will begin tracking changes to the players.

  • refresh: Set to True to retrieve the latest available players from the CLI. The default is False and will return the previous loaded players.
import pyheos

heos = Heos('')

await heos.connect(auto_reconnect=True)
players = await heos.get_players()
await heos.disconnect()

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