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🐫 Convert strings (and dictionary keys) between snake case, camel case and pascal case in Python. Inspired by Humps for Node

Project description

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Convert strings (and dictionary keys) between snake case, camel case and pascal case in Python. Inspired by Humps for Node.

Jan 11, 2021: An open call for contributors:

Please email me at


To install humps, simply use pipenv (or pip, of course):

$ pipenv install pyhumps


Converting strings

import humps

humps.camelize("jack_in_the_box")  # jackInTheBox
humps.decamelize("rubyTuesdays")  # ruby_tuesdays
humps.pascalize("red_robin")  # RedRobin
humps.kebabize("white_castle")  # white-castle

Converting dictionary keys

import humps

array = [{"attrOne": "foo"}, {"attrOne": "bar"}]
humps.decamelize(array) # [{"attr_one": "foo"}, {"attr_one": "bar"}]

array = [{"attr_one": "foo"}, {"attr_one": "bar"}]
humps.camelize(array)  # [{"attrOne": "foo"}, {"attrOne": "bar"}]

array = [{'attr_one': 'foo'}, {'attr_one': 'bar'}]
humps.kebabize(array)  # [{'attr-one': 'foo'}, {'attr-one': 'bar'}]

array = [{"attr_one": "foo"}, {"attr_one": "bar"}]
humps.pascalize(array)  # [{"AttrOne": "foo"}, {"AttrOne": "bar"}]

Checking character casing

import humps

humps.is_camelcase("illWearYourGranddadsClothes")  # True
humps.is_pascalcase("ILookIncredible")  # True
humps.is_snakecase("im_in_this_big_ass_coat")  # True
humps.is_kebabcase('from-that-thrift-shop')  # True
humps.is_camelcase("down_the_road")  # False

humps.is_snakecase("imGonnaPopSomeTags")  # False
humps.is_kebabcase('only_got_twenty_dollars_in_my_pocket')  # False

# what about abbrevations, acronyms, and initialisms? No problem!
humps.decamelize("APIResponse")  # api_response


Pythonic Boto3 API Wrapper

import humps
import boto3

def api(service, decamelize=True, *args, **kwargs):
    service, func = service.split(":")
    client = boto3.client(service)
    kwargs = humps.pascalize(kwargs)
    response = getattr(client, func)(*args, **kwargs)
    return (depascalize(response) if decamelize else response)

# usage
api("s3:download_file", bucket="bucket", key="hello.png", filename="hello.png")

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