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Python client for Interacting with Independent Reserve API - The Bitcoin and Digital Currency Market

Project description


Python3 client for Interacting with Independent Reserve API - The Bitcoin and Digital Currency Market


$ pip install pyindependentreserve


$ python
>>> import independentreserve as ir
>>> connection = ir.PublicMethods()
>>> connection.get_valid_limit_order_types()
[u'LimitBid', u'LimitOffer'] 

>>> api = PrivateMethods("your_api_key", "your_api_secret")
>>> api.get_open_orders()
{'TotalItems': ... etc

Usage Websocket

pyindependentreserve uses python3 asyncio module to implement a producer consumer pattern to consume messages from the websocket.

Official websocket documentation can be found here

from asyncio.queues import Queue
import websockets
import asyncio
import sys

from independentreserve import wss_subscribe

async def consumer(queue: asyncio.Queue):
    while True:
        item = await queue.get()
        if item is None:
        print("consuming item: {}".format(item))

if __name__ == "__main__":
        loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
        queue = asyncio.Queue(1000)
        producer_coroutine = wss_subscribe(queue=queue, channel_name=["ticker-xbt-aud"])
        consumer_coroutine = consumer(queue=queue)
        loop.run_until_complete(asyncio.gather(producer_coroutine, consumer_coroutine))
    except Exception as error:


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