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A serializer and deserializer of ISO8583 data.

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iso8583 module serializes and deserializes ISO8583 data between a bytes or bytearray instance containing ISO8583 data and a Python dict.

iso8583 supports custom specifications that can define field encoding (e.g. ASCII, EBCDIC, ISO8859-1, BCD, etc.), field types (e.g. fixed, LLVAR, LLLVAR, etc.), and maximum length


pip install pyiso8583

Decode iso8583 data received from a socket.

>>> import iso8583
>>> from iso8583.specs import default
>>> s = b'0200\x40\x10\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00161234567890123456123456'
>>> doc_dec, doc_enc = iso8583.decode(s, spec=default)

Contents of the produced dictionaries.

>>> import pprint
>>> pprint.pp(doc_dec) # Decoded data
{'bm': {2, 12},
 't': '0200',
 'p': '4010000000000000',
 '2': '1234567890123456',
 '12': '123456'}
>>> pprint.pp(doc_enc) # Encoded data
{'bm': {2, 12},
 't': {'len': b'', 'data': b'0200'},
 'p': {'len': b'', 'data': b'@\x10\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00'},
 '2': {'len': b'16', 'data': b'1234567890123456'},
 '12': {'len': b'', 'data': b'123456'}}

Pretty print result using iso8583.pp.

>>> iso8583.pp(doc_dec, spec=default) # Decoded data only
'bm'  Enabled Fields                      : [2, 12]
't'   Message Type                        : [0200]
'p'   Bitmap, Primary                     : [4010000000000000]
'2'   Primary Account Number (PAN)        : 16 [1234567890123456]
'12'  Time, Local Transaction             : [123456]

Add or remove fields.

>>> iso8583.del_field(doc_dec, '12') # Decoded data only
>>> doc_dec['t'] = '0210'
>>> iso8583.add_field(doc_dec, '39', '00')  # Decoded data only

Encode iso8583 data to send to a socket.

>>> s, doc_enc = iso8583.encode(doc_dec, spec=default)
>>> print(s)

For more info read the docs.


iso8583 is hosted on GitHub.

Feel free to fork and send contributions over.

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