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pyJarm is a convenience library for the JARM fingerprinting tool.

Project description


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pyJARM is a convenience library for the JARM fingerprinting tool. This library is based on the original python implementation here.

It requires python 3.7+.


pip install pyjarm


Command Line

usage: jarm [-h] [-i INPUT] [-d] [-o OUTPUT] [-4] [-6] [-c [CONCURRENCY]]
            [--proxy PROXY] [--proxy-auth PROXY_AUTH] [--proxy-insecure]
            [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--suppress]

Enter an IP address/domain and port to scan or supply an input file.

positional arguments:
  scan                  Enter an IP or domain to scan.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT, --input INPUT
                        Provide a list of IP addresses or domains to scan, one
                        domain or IP address per line. Ports can be specified
                        with a colon (ex.
  -d, --debug           [OPTIONAL] Debug mode: Displays additional debug
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        [OPTIONAL] Provide a filename to output/append results
                        to a CSV file.
  -4, --ipv4only        [OPTIONAL] Use only IPv4 connections (incompatible
                        with --ipv6only).
  -6, --ipv6only        [OPTIONAL] Use only IPv6 connections (incompatible
                        with --ipv4only).
  -c [CONCURRENCY], --concurrency [CONCURRENCY]
                        [OPTIONAL] Number of concurrent connections (default
                        is 2).
  --proxy PROXY         [OPTIONAL] Use proxy (format
                        http[s]://user:pass@proxy:port). HTTPS_PROXY env
                        variable is used by default if this is not set. Set
                        this to 'ignore' to ignore HTTPS_PROXY and use no
  --proxy-auth PROXY_AUTH
                        [OPTIONAL] Send this header in Proxy-Authorization
                        (when using proxy).
  --proxy-insecure      [OPTIONAL] Do not verify SSL_CERTIFICATES (only when
                        HTTPS proxy is set).
  --timeout TIMEOUT     [OPTIONAL] Timeout to wait for connection attempts.
                        Default is 20 seconds
  --suppress            [OPTIONAL] Suppresses any exception or warning logging.


$ pyjarm
JARM: 27d40d40d29d40d1dc42d43d00041d4689ee210389f4f6b4b5b1b93f92252d

Scripted without asyncio

from jarm.scanner.scanner import Scanner

print(Scanner.scan("", 443))
('27d40d40d29d40d1dc42d43d00041d4689ee210389f4f6b4b5b1b93f92252d', '', 443)

Scripted with asyncio

import asyncio
from jarm.scanner.scanner import Scanner

print("", 443)))
('27d40d40d29d40d1dc42d43d00041d4689ee210389f4f6b4b5b1b93f92252d', '', 443)


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