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Tools to get Joystick events.

Project description

Python joystick event handler.

Simple Example

from pyjoystick.sdl2 import Key, Joystick, run_event_loop

def print_add(joy):
    print('Added', joy)

def print_remove(joy):
    print('Removed', joy)

def key_received(key):
    print('Key:', key)

run_event_loop(print_add, print_remove, key_received)

Qt Integration

The code below displays a label with the most recent key’s value. A green ball will move around as you press the HAT button on the controller.

# App with a green ball in the center that moves when you press the HAT buttons
import pyjoystick
from pyjoystick.sdl2 import Key, Joystick, run_event_loop
# from pyjoystick.pygame import Key, Joystick, run_event_loop
from qt_thread_updater import ThreadUpdater

from qtpy import QtWidgets, QtGui, QtCore

app = QtWidgets.QApplication()

updater = ThreadUpdater()

main = QtWidgets.QWidget()
main.resize(800, 600)

lbl = QtWidgets.QLabel()  # Absolute positioning
main.layout().addWidget(lbl, alignment=QtCore.Qt.AlignTop)

mover = QtWidgets.QLabel(parent=main)  # Absolute positioning
mover.resize(50, 50)
mover.point = main.rect().center()

def svg_paint_event(self, event):
    painter = QtGui.QPainter(self)
    painter.setRenderHint(painter.Antialiasing, True)

    # Get Black Background
    rect = self.rect()
    center =
    radius = 20

    # Colors
    painter.setBrush(QtGui.QColor('green'))  # Fill color
    painter.setPen(QtGui.QColor('black'))  # Line Color

    # Draw
    painter.drawEllipse(center, radius, radius)


mover.paintEvent = svg_paint_event.__get__(mover, mover.__class__)

def handle_key_event(key):
    updater.now_call_latest(lbl.setText, '{}: {} = {}'.format(key.joystick, key, key.value))

    # print(key, '-', key.keytype, '-', key.number, '-', key.value)

    if key.keytype != Key.HAT:

    if key.value == Key.HAT_UP:
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() - 10)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_DOWN:
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() + 10)
    if key.value == Key.HAT_LEFT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() - 10)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_UPLEFT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() - 5)
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() - 5)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_DOWNLEFT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() - 5)
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() + 5)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_RIGHT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() + 10)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_UPRIGHT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() + 5)
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() - 5)
    elif key.value == Key.HAT_DOWNRIGHT:
        mover.point.setX(mover.point.x() + 5)
        mover.point.setY(mover.point.y() + 5)
    updater.now_call_latest(mover.move, mover.point)

# If it button is held down it should be repeated
repeater = pyjoystick.HatRepeater(first_repeat_timeout=0.5, repeat_timeout=0.03, check_timeout=0.01)

mngr = pyjoystick.ThreadEventManager(event_loop=run_event_loop,

# Find key functionality
btn = QtWidgets.QPushButton('Find Key:')

def find_key():
    key = mngr.find_key(timeout=float('inf'))
    if key is None:
        btn.setText('Find Key:')
        btn.setText('Find Key: {} = {}'.format(key, key.value))

main.layout().addWidget(btn, alignment=QtCore.Qt.AlignTop)


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