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Control Kwikset Kevo locks

Project description

Python module for controlling Kwikset Kevo locks

Kwikset does not provide an official API for their Kevo locks; I reverse engineered this module from the web app.

To use this module you will need to have a Kevo Plus installed and a registered account on You will need your credentials to use this module.

This module is published to pypi so you can install it simply via pip install pykevoplus


The Kevo.GetLocks() function will attempt to scrape the web site to find your locks; as of this writing it can find all of your locks, but scraping the HTML might break at any time if Kwikset changes the website.

from pykevoplus import Kevo
locks = Kevo.GetLocks("", "password123")
for lock in locks:
    print repr(lock)


KevoLock(name=Front Door, id=cca7cd1d-c1d5-43ce-a087-c73b974b3529, state=Locked)
KevoLock(name=Back Door, id=c60130cd-8139-4688-8ba3-199276a65ad6, state=Locked)

A better way is to explicitly instantiate a KevoLock object using the UUID of the lock. You can get the lock IDs manually by logging into, click Details for the lock, click Settings, the lock ID is on the right.

from pykevoplus import KevoLock
lock = KevoLock.FromLockID("cca7cd1d-c1d5-43ce-a087-c73b974b3529", "", "password123")

Locking and Unlocking

from pykevoplus import KevoLock
lock = KevoLock.FromLockID(lock_id, username, password)
print lock.GetBoltState()
print lock.GetBoltState()



Multiple operations in the same session

The KevoLockSession context manager allows you to perform multiple operations on a lock with a single auth session

from pykevoplus import KevoLock, KevoLockSession
lock = KevoLock.FromLockID(lock_id, username, password)
with KevoLockSession(lock):

Known Issues

  • Error handling is extremely basic and needs much more work. Communication errors as well as lock bolt errors need to be addressed

  • No unit tests yet

  • Currently only python 2.7 support

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