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LaCrosse sensor library

Project description

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This libray works with the Jeelink USB RF adapter and the arduino sketch hosted on the FHEM website.

Tested Devices

  • Technoline TX 29IT

  • Technoline TX 29DTH-IT

Command Line Tool

# pylacrosse -h
usage: LaCrosse sensor CLI tool. [-h] [-v] [-d DEVICE] [-f FREQUENCY_RFM1]
                                 [-F FREQUENCY_RFM2] [-t TOGGLE_INTERVAL_RFM1]
                                 [-T TOGGLE_INTERVAL_RFM2]
                                 [-m TOGGLE_MASK_RFM1] [-M TOGGLE_MASK_RFM2]
                                 [-r DATARATE_RFM1] [-R DATARATE_RFM2]
                                 {scan,info,led} ...

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v                    be more verbose
  -d DEVICE, --device DEVICE
                        set local device e.g. '/dev/ttyUSB0' or
                        set remote device e.g. 'rfc2217://[IP]:[PORT]'
                        default: '/dev/ttyUSB0'
  -f FREQUENCY_RFM1     set the frequency for RFM1
  -F FREQUENCY_RFM2     set the frequency for RFM2
                        set the toggle interval for RFM1
                        set the toggle interval for RFM2
  -m TOGGLE_MASK_RFM1   set the toggle mask for RFM1
  -M TOGGLE_MASK_RFM2   set the toggle mask for RFM2
  -r DATARATE_RFM1      set the datarate for RFM1
  -R DATARATE_RFM2      set the datarate for RFM2

    scan                Show all received sensors
    info                Get configuration info
    led                 Set traffic LED state

The LaCrosse sensor generates the ID every time the battery is changed.

Use the cli tool pylacrosse to find your device:

# pylacrosse -d /dev/ttyUSB0 scan
id=40 t=16.000000 h=69 nbat=0 name=unknown
id=16 t=18.700000 h=60 nbat=0 name=unknown
id=0 t=17.400000 h=65 nbat=0 name=unknown

You can generate a file with know devices at ~/.lacrosse/known_devices.ini

name = Kitchen
name = Livingroom
name = Bedroom

then the tool will print the defined names

# pylacrosse -d /dev/ttyUSB0 scan
id=40 t=16.000000 h=69 nbat=0 name=Bedroom
id=16 t=18.700000 h=60 nbat=0 name=Livingroom
id=0 t=17.400000 h=65 nbat=0 name=Kitchen

Using remote serial port with ser2net

You can also use ser2net to connect to a remote JeeLink Adapter. This can be useful, if you use a docker container or if you can not attach a JeeLink adapter to your host running pylacrosse. On your remote device install ser2net and add the following line to your ser2net.conf:

20001:telnet:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:57600 remctl banner

Restart the ser2net daemon and connect to your remote host using pylacrosse command line tool:

# pylacrosse -d rfc2217://[REMOTE_IP]]:20001 scan
id=40 t=16.000000 h=69 nbat=0 name=Bedroom
id=16 t=18.700000 h=60 nbat=0 name=Livingroom
id=0 t=17.400000 h=65 nbat=0 name=Kitchen

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