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Pylint plugin for Odoo

Project description

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Pylint Odoo plugin

Enable custom checks for Odoo modules.

Short Name Description Code
attribute-deprecated attribute "%s" deprecated W8105
attribute-string-redundant The attribute string is redundant. String parameter equal to name of variable W8113
bad-builtin-groupby Used builtin function itertools.groupby. Prefer instead. More info about W8155
category-allowed Category "%s" not allowed in manifest file. C8114
consider-merging-classes-inherited Consider merging classes inherited to "%s" from %s. R8180
context-overridden Context overridden using dict. Better using kwargs with_context(**%s) or with_context(key=value) W8121
deprecated-odoo-model-method %s has been deprecated by Odoo. Please look for alternatives. W8160
development-status-allowed Manifest key development_status "%s" not allowed. Use one of: %s. C8111
except-pass pass into block except. If you really need to use the pass consider logging that exception W8138
external-request-timeout Use of external request method %s without timeout. It could wait for a long time E8106
invalid-commit Use of cr.commit() directly - More info E8102
license-allowed License "%s" not allowed in manifest file. C8105
manifest-author-string The author key in the manifest file must be a string (with comma separated values) E8101
manifest-behind-migrations Manifest version (%s) is lower than migration scripts (%s) E8145
manifest-data-duplicated The file "%s" is duplicated in lines %s from manifest key "%s" W8125
manifest-deprecated-key Deprecated key "%s" in manifest file C8103
manifest-maintainers-list The maintainers key in the manifest file must be a list of strings E8104
manifest-required-author One of the following authors must be present in manifest: %s C8101
manifest-required-key Missing required key "%s" in manifest file C8102
manifest-version-format Wrong Version Format "%s" in manifest file. Regex to match: "%s" C8106
method-compute Name of compute method should start with "compute" C8108
method-inverse Name of inverse method should start with "inverse" C8110
method-required-super Missing super call in "%s" method. W8106
method-search Name of search method should start with "search" C8109
missing-readme Missing ./README.rst file. Template here: %s C8112
missing-return Missing return (super is used) in method %s. W8110
no-raise-unlink No exceptions should be raised inside unlink() functions E8140
no-wizard-in-models No wizard class for model directory. See the complete structure C8113
no-write-in-compute Compute method calling write. Use update instead. E8135
odoo-addons-relative-import Same Odoo module absolute import. You should use relative import with "." instead of "odoo.addons.%s" W8150
odoo-exception-warning odoo.exceptions.Warning is a deprecated alias to odoo.exceptions.UserError use from odoo.exceptions import UserError R8101
print-used Print used. Use logger instead. W8116
prohibited-method-override Prohibited override of "%s" method. W8107
renamed-field-parameter Field parameter "%s" is no longer supported. Use "%s" instead. W8111
resource-not-exist File "%s": "%s" not found. F8101
sql-injection SQL injection risk. Use parameters if you can. - More info E8103
test-folder-imported Test folder imported in module %s E8130
translation-contains-variable Translatable term in "%s" contains variables. Use %s instead W8115
translation-field Translation method _("string") in fields is not necessary. W8103
translation-format-interpolation Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8302
translation-format-truncated Logging format string ends in middle of conversion specifier E8301
translation-fstring-interpolation Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8303
translation-not-lazy Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8301
translation-positional-used Translation method _(%s) is using positional string printf formatting. Use named placeholder _("%%(placeholder)s") instead. W8120
translation-required String parameter on "%s" requires translation. Use %s_(%s) C8107
translation-too-few-args Not enough arguments for odoo._ format string E8306
translation-too-many-args Too many arguments for odoo._ format string E8305
translation-unsupported-format Unsupported odoo._ format character %r (%#02x) at index %d E8300
use-vim-comment Use of vim comment W8202
website-manifest-key-not-valid-uri Website "%s" in manifest key is not a valid URI W8114


You do not need to install manually if you use pre-commit-config

But if you even need to install it

pip install pylint-odoo

Usage pre-commit-config.yaml

Add to your ".pre-commit-config.yaml" configuration file the following input

    - repo:
        rev: v9.1.2 # may be a tag or commit hash
        # Add to your .pylintrc file:
        # [MASTER]
        # load-plugins=pylint_odoo
        - id: pylint_odoo


pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo -e odoolint path/to/test

or use configuration file you can generate the OCA one using the following template repository:

Then running

pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc path/to/test

Example to test only pylint_odoo checks:

pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo -d all -e odoolint {ADDONS-PATH}/*

There are checks only valid for a particular Odoo version To know what version of odoo are you running pylint needs the parameter

pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo --valid-odoo-versions={YOUR_ODOO_VERSION}

with particular odoo version e.g. "16.0"

Checks valid only for odoo >= 14.0


Checks valid only for odoo <= 13.0




To run all the tests run:


Use extra parameters to change the test behaviour

e.g. particular python version

tox -e py310

e.g. particular unittest method

tox -e py310 -- -k test_20_expected_errors

e.g. all the tests at the same time in parallel

tox -p auto


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.



  • [REF] setup: Add py3.12 support info (#490)


  • [REF] update-readme
  • [ADD] prohibited-method-override: New check to avoid overriding methods (#485)
  • [REF] .github: Update actions cache and fix pre-commit cache path (#489)


  • [REF] requirements: Update packages version (#488)


  • [REF] requirements: Compatibility with validators 0.22


  • [FIX] odoo-addons-relative-import: exclude migrations (#481)


  • [REF] readme: Update readme using 'tox -e update-readme'


  • [ADD] manifest-behind-migrations: check manifest version >= migrations (#475)


  • [REF] Add support to Odoo v17.0 (#477)


  • [ADD] category-allowed: Add check to enforce the allowed Odoo modules categories (#459)


  • [REF]: update to pylint 3.0.0, drop support for py3.7 (#474)


  • [REF] Filter out "bump version" from CHANGELOG (#472)


  • [ADD] deprecated-odoo-model-method: New check to detect deprecated method for each Odoo version (#470)
  • [REF] ci: run only one tox env per job (#468)


  • [REF] tox: Build ChangeLog again (#466)
  • [ADD] no-raise-unlink: Check if there is raise sentence in unlink method (#458)
  • [FIX] correct README pre-commit usage (#463)


  • [FIX] pre-commit-vauxoo: Fix isort hook - RuntimeError The Poetry configuration is invalid (#456)


  • [FIX] Readme: new CLI command format --valid-odoo-version (#453)
  • [REF] ci: Update gh actions .yml and tox.ini (#451)
  • [FIX] pre-commit-config: Update flake8 repo (#446)


  • [REM] Remove unused eslintrc file
  • [REF] tests: Autogenerate readme with examples from test_repo
  • [REF] tox, pre-commit, readme: Small changes (#443)


  • [ADD] bad-builtin-groupby: Prefer `` instead (#442)


  • [FIX] setup: Add missing "requirements.txt" file to package (#441)


  • [REF] no-wizard-in-models: Add exception for "res.config*" inherited classes (#439)
  • [ADD] no-wizard-in-models: Add new check for avoid adding wizards class in models directory (#437)


  • [REF] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Improve message with relpath + column number (#436)


  • [FIX] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Fix TODO Consider case where _inherit is assigned before to _name (#435)
  • [FIX] custom_logging: Fix AstroidSyntaxError using only binop related to '%' (#434)


  • [REF] manifest-data-duplicated, resource-not-exist: Improve line number (lineno) of the duplicated node (#433)


  • [FIX] pylint_odoo: Using node.op instead of hardcoded % (#432)


  • [FIX] pylint_odoo: "ImportError: No module named 'packaging'" (#431)
  • [REF] readme: Add monthly downloads from pypi badge (#430)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Using new typing astroid.nodes instead of astroid.Class (#429)


  • [ADD] no-write-in-compute: Don't write on a computed field (#427)


  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Replace options name from "_" to "-" because (#426)


  • [REF] README: Auto update README (#425)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Process max_odoo_version and min_odoo_version for checks (#424)
  • [ADD] translation-*: Add translation-* checks with the same "logging" checks but for "odoo._" translate method (#423)
  • [REF] CI: Enable py3.11 (#420)


  • [REF] tox: Enable lints from environment list (#418)
  • [REF] setup: Match requires-python = ">=3.7.2" from pylint (#417)
  • [REF] CI: Enable tox with parallels + codecov compatibility (#415)
  • [REF] augmentations: Use message code instead of message id for supression of codes (#414)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2md()
  • [REM] class-camelcase: Replaced by invalid-name (#413)
  • [REF] tests: Remove 'score' (#412)
  • [REF] openerp-exception-warning: Change to odoo-exception-warning (#411)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Sort items for utils.only_required_for_messages (#410)
  • [IMP] print-used: Speed-up 'print-used' check avoid inferring (#409)
  • [REM] eval-referenced: Replaced by eval-used check from pylint (#408)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: visit_dict - Use the dictionary key node (#407)


  • [REF] Update "visit_*" methods availables and order code and update values (#406)
  • [ADD] missing-readme: Add again missing-readme (#405)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Clean code (#404)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Clean code (#402)


  • [REF] codecov, README: Enable codecov again and fix URLs from README (#401)


  • [REF] readme: Migrate from RST to MARKDOWN format (#400)
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Small changes for CI, lints, pytest and code (#399)
  • [REF] requirements: Update pylint dependency (#398)
  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: black, isort, prettier (#397)


  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: apocalintSYS - Full refactoring - v8.0.0 (#396)


  • [REF] translation-positional-used: Consider srt.format('{} {}') cases (#395)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [REF] CI: Comment py3.7 travis with weird error unrelated
  • [ADD] manifest-data-duplicated: Detect duplicated data file


  • [FIX] attribute-string-redundant: Only when field string is the same as title() format (#392)


  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Update supported Odoo version 16.0 (#391)
  • [REF] CI: Use py3.10 and 3.11 environments for travis (#389)
  • [REF] tests: Add unittest to check only one check enabled (#385)


  • [REF] external-request-timeout: Add ftplib.FTP method (#388)
  • Revert "[PERF] *: Checkers only run when enabled #372 (#376)" (#386)
  • [PERF] *: Checkers only run when enabled #372 (#376)
  • [FIX] missing-import-error: add xlrd to whitelist (#379)


  • [IMP] duplicate-po-message-definition: Detecting duplicated only with msgid (#374)
  • [IMP] test-folder-imported: Consider 'from . import test' missing case (#373)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [ADD] external-request-timeout: It could wait for a long time (#370)
  • [FIX] .travis.yml: npm v18.0.0 is not compatible with ubuntu used from travis (#371)
  • [REF] README: Use new travis URL (#369)


  • [ADD] pre-commit-hooks: Add pylint_odoo hook to be used from pre-commit.yaml directly (#368)
  • [REF] requirements: Bump pylint package from 2.11.1 to 2.13.5 for py3.x (#367)
  • [FIX] CI: Fix pluggy error on py3.7 and running lint only in one build (#366)
  • [IMP] sql-injection: Detect possible sql injections when using f-strings (#364)
  • [FIX] Pinned lazy-object-proxy for Python 2.7 (#365)
  • [FIX] missing-return: Incorrect check for tearDownClass (#362)


  • [FIX] OdooChecker: Discard migrations folder as odoo main module (#358)


  • Revert "[REVERT] requirements: Using pylint<2.11.0 because issue 5096 (#355)"


  • [REVERT] requirements: Using pylint<2.11.0 because issue 5096 (#355)


  • [REF] requirements: Upgrade pylint version 2.11.1 (#354)


  • [REF] manifest-version-format: Add new valid odoo v15.0 (#353)
  • [REF] sql-injection: No sql-injection using constants (#351)
  • [FIX] sql-injection: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'parent' (#350)


  • [REF] requirements: Upgrade pylint version (#349)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [ADD] dangerous-qweb-replace-wo-priority: Consider qweb view templates (#347)
  • [ADD] context-overridden: Better using kwargs instead of dictionary (#256)
  • [REF] invalid-name, unused-argument: Suppress check for migrations path (#348)


  • [FIX] sql-injection: Fix false positives (#344)
  • [FIX] pylint_odoo: Fix manifest_version_format option ignored (#346)


  • [FIX] translation-required: Skip tests folder (#345)
  • [FIX] xml-syntax-error: Fix crash if a xml has syntax errors (#343)
  • [REF] pylint-odoo: Add .pylintrc example (#325)
  • [FIX] attribute-deprecated: Check only "Model" class' attributes (#342)
  • [FIX] attribute-string-redundant: "string" of related field is taken from the referenced one (#341)
  • [FIX] file-not-used: Fix false positives on Windows (#335)


  • [FIX] Add pbr to requirements (#328)
  • [REF] requirements: upgrade pylint version (#320)


  • [FIX] test-folder-imported: Support all import styles (#315)
  • [FIX] Properly support python namespace package when detecting the odoo addon directory (#317)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [ADD] translation-positional-used: New check to valid the allow change the order of string formatting (#305)
  • [ADD] str-format-used: Check if str.format was used in translated string (#304)
  • [ADD] test-folder-imported: check if tests folder is imported in init file (#310)


  • [FIX] requirements: fix dependencies break with pip 20.3 Fix #306 (#313)
  • [ADD] add compatibility to v14.0 (#312)


  • [REF] .travis.yml: Enable condition to deploy pypi
  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [FIX] dangerous-view-replace-wo-priority: check all child tags with replace (#309)
  • [ADD] pylint-odoo: add new check to maintainers key in manifest must be a list of str (#308)
  • [REF] development-status-allowed: Explicitly report possible values (#301)
  • [REF] odoo-addons-relative-import: does not apply in tests/ directory (#307)
  • [REF] CI: Enable py3.8 and py3.9 (#294)


  • [FIX] messages2rst: Compatible with more than 3 message items
  • [REF] no-utf8-coding-comment,unnecessary-utf8-coding-comment: Using python version to enable/disable them (#292)
  • [REF] po-msgstr-variables: Check if there is missing 'module:' comment (#291)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • Fixing pragma: no cover position
  • [ADD] po-msgstr-variables: Check if string translated can be parsed correctly
  • [ADD] duplicate-po-message-definition, po-syntax-error: Enable PO checks


  • [REF] missing-manifest-dependency: Add openupgradelib as a whitelist. (#288)
  • [FIX] sql-injection: Consider valid arguments built with psycopg2.sql


  • [REF] missing-import-error: Add new packages for Odoo v13.0


  • [REF] requirements.txt: Update packages version (#285)


  • [FIX] get_manifest_file: Get manifest file correctly
  • [FIX] Visit module: manage odoo subdirectories Better way to check whether a path is a path of a subdirectoy of a Odoo module. Before, '/a/b/cc/d' was considered as a subdirectoy of '/a/b/c' because '/a/b/c' in '/a/b/cc/d' == True


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [FIX] rst_lint: Using UTF-8 encoding by default (#272)
  • [ADD] Possibility of package name include dots
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Using py3.7 stable instead of dev (#271)
  • Improve incoherent-interpreter-exec-perm message
  • Fix incompatibility with isort configuration file
  • [FIX] rst-syntax-error: Using a 0 by default if line None is returned


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • Revert "[ADD] method-default prefix" (#254)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [REF] CI: Fixing flake8, tests and clean requirements
  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Supports odoo 13.0
  • [ADD] method-default prefix
  • [FIX] .travis.yml: Upgrade nvm version supported for eslint
  • Allow console statements
  • [ADD] print-used: Use _logger instead of print (#241)



  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [REF] sql-injection: Test private attributes (#226)
  • [REF] tox: Upgrade new pylint for py3 (#215)


  • [REF] manifest-required-authors: Support old deprecated parameter


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [DEL] require-jsdoc, keep require-valid-jsdoc
  • [FIX]change the location of Guidelines URL
  • [ADD] development-status-allowed: New check to verity valid development status Fix
  • [REF] missing-import-error: Check enabled just for odoo <= 11.0
  • Add fuzzy to ES globals
  • Allow usage of `undefined` (#214)
  • Jslint jsdoc relax (#209)
  • [REF] pylint-odoo: Compatibility with python3.7 (#205)
  • [IMP] file-not-used: Ignore unused files into the migrations directory (#213)
  • [IMP] manifest-required-author: Allow multiple possible required authors
  • [FIX] missing-manifest-dependency: Exclude tests directory
  • [FIX] manifest-version-format: Don't ignore valid Odoo versions
  • [FIX] requirements: Include "six" package (#207)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [DOC] README.rst: Adding documentation to the way to skip one check based on the Odoo Version
  • [REF] requirements: Bump requirements version
  • Add _register_hook in "no missing return" methods (#201)
  • [ADD] Add new lint to detect variables within translatable strings (#198)
  • [FIX] translation-required: Fix some false positives (#196)
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Allow both W503 and W504 formats (#197)


  • [REF] .travis.yml: Just deploy a env and avoid cleanup before to deploy


  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Increase coverage test
  • [FIX] README.rst: Fix syntax and run check
  • [FIX] don't complain about string attribute nodes in translation check
  • [REF] javascript-lint: Allow to use moment (#189)
  • Allow short ternary expressions
  • [IMP] ESLint usability boost (#185)
  • [REF] javascript-lint: Emit a message if there is internal error
  • [REF] jslintrc: Use of property style for dot-location
  • [REF] The method message_post need the subject and body be translatable
  • [FIX] duplicate-xml-fields: Now consider as duplicated using domain and context values (#172)


  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Use check-name instead of check-code for add_message method (#174)
  • [FIX] pylint_odoo: Change the number of the appearances of the check (#173)
  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [ADD] unnecessary-utf8-coding-comment: The utf8 comment is unnecessary if the version of odoo is 11.0 because use py3 (#168)
  • [FIX] missing-external-dependency: Skip relative imports that starts with dot (#171)
  • [ADD] character-not-valid-in-resource-link: To valid the character '?/#' into the in src/href link (#163)
  • [REF] javascript-lint: Disable comma-dangle and prefer-rest-params checks
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Freeze flake8 version In order to avoid false red if a new check is added
  • [ADD] Add licence OEEL-1 into licence-allowed for module depending on Enterprise (#165)
  • [ADD] xml-deprecated-qweb-directive: Deprecated QWeb directives (#157)
  • [FIX] Add 11.0 as valid Odoo version
  • [FIX] unicode error removing decode and use bytes with bytes - Open file with rb and use bytes with bytes - Use xml_special_char.xml: Use a special char to reproduce a decode error


  • [REF] pylint_odoo: Support python3


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [FIX] deprecated-data-xml-node: Fix false negative with data/record + record for xml nodes (#156)
  • [FIX] disable xml check: get method called when the method is not called directly (#154)
  • [FIX] misc: TypeError argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable (#150)
  • [FIX] manifest-version-format: Use real dot from regex (#153)
  • [FIX] manifest-version-format: Adds matching for string end to default manifest version format (#155)
  • [ADD] xml-deprecated-tree-attribute: Implements check for deprecated tree attributes (#149)
  • [REF] jslintrc: Disable prefer-spread
  • [IMP] missing-return: Skip missing return if function is a generator (#147)
  • [IMP] missing-return/required-super: setUpClass (#143)
  • [IMP] missing-readme: Check for other supported file names (#140)
  • [REF] jslintrc: Disable prefer-reflect error (#141)
  • [REF] file-not-used: Consider as used the files referenced from report xml files (#138)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [REF] cache: Cache other extension files just if is a odoo module (#142)
  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: Skip pylint check on one xml file (#135)
  • [ADD] website-manifest-key-not-valid-uri: For validate if the website into manifest is valid URI (#136)


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using pylint_odoo.messages2rst()
  • [ADD] pylint_odoo: Adding new check resource-not-exist (#130)
  • [FIX] fields: Validate a assign directly from root class (#116)
  • [FIX] jslintrc: Remove deprecated ecmaFeatures key
  • [ADD] pylint_odoo: Adding check detected tag inside tag and show warning (#129)
  • [REF] Fix typo
  • [REF] jslint: Enable no-comma-dangle check
  • [IMP] sql-injection: support new cases and ignore some false positives (#122)
  • [FIX] xml-attribute-translatable: Skip if version is different 8.0 (#117)
  • [FIX] deprecated-module: Consider 'from openerp.osv.expression'


  • [REF] README: Auto-update Using the following script: 'PYTHONPATH=~/odoo/pylint-odoo python -c "import pylint_odoo;print pylint_odoo.messages2rst()"'
  • [REF] .travis.yml: Renamed flake8 error from F999 to F601 (#115)
  • [FIX] Check file-not-used: Skip tests folders (#114)
  • [FIX] incoherent-interpreter-exec-perm: Skip check for windows (#113)
  • [ADD] except-pass: Emit message If a except:pass is used (#107)
  • [FIX] attribute-string-redundant: Add "isinstance" validation for nodes
  • [ADD] attribute-string-redundant: Check if "string" parameter is equal to variable name (#100)
  • [ADD] renamed-field-parameter: Detect deprecated field values (digits_compute, select) (#99)
  • [REF] javascript-lint: Use eslint instead of jshint (#97)
  • [ADD] xml-attribute-translatable: Check XML attribute without translation parameter (#105)
  • [REF] incoherent-interpreter-exec-perm: Better message (#106)
  • [IMP] pylint-odoo: Adding support for parameters --ignore and --ignore-patterns (#103)
  • [ADD] eval-referenced: Detects if a "eval" is referenced (without call it) (#101)
  • [FIX] duplicate-xml-fields: False red using 2 tree sub-views *2M fields (#96)
  • [FIX] method-NAME: Fix if value is not a string
  • [REF] misc: Remove deprecated method
  • [FIX] test: Never use global into test


  • [REF] duplicate-xml-record-id: Get xml section from manifest to skip different origin (#89)
  • [FIX] method-NAME: Fix case compute=None Fix OCA/pylint-odoo#88


  • [REF] attribute-deprecated: Deprecate length class attribute (#86)
  • [ADD] missing-return If you use call a `super` method then you will need return the original value. If you want overwrite a original method then you need add documentation of why and add a `pylint: disable=missing-return`
  • [FIX] Whitelist `anybox.testing.openerp` * Add `anybox.testing.openerp` - Fixes #81
  • [FIX] manifest-version-format: Fix regex to use explicit dot instead of any char
  • [FIX] manifest-version-format: Support -e manifest-version-format only
  • [FIX] missing-import-error: Updating libraries used from requirements.txt but not imported or nested imported from odoo
  • [IMP] manifest-version-format: Add valid_odoo_versions parameter to force a valid version of odoo in the manifest version
  • [REF] missing-import-error: Skip test file since these files are loaded only when running tests and in such a case your module and their external dependencies are installed
  • [ADD] Support for 10.0 manifest name
  • [REF] requirements: Update developer version of pylint and astroid


  • Adding isort dependency (#70)


  • [REF] README: Update messages list


  • [ADD] missing-import-error, missing-manifest-dependency
  • [FIX] rst-syntax-error: Skip unknown roles
  • [FIX] rst-syntax-error: Skip unknown directives
  • [REF] global refactoring: better message output and use real file and line number in non-py files (#62)
  • [REF] README: Add examples special folder
  • [REF] checkers: Skip example folder to check lints


  • [REF] README: Update messages list


  • [ADD] file-not-used: Emit message if there are xml, yml, sql or csv files but It isn't referenced from manifest (#53)
  • [ADD] dangerous-view-replace-wo-priority: Check dangerous view with replace but defined with low priority (#55)
  • [ADD] old-api7-method-defined: Emit message if the method defined have (self, cr, uid) (#52)
  • [ADD] odoo-addons-relative-import (#56)
  • [REF] tox: Freeze stable sha pylint20
  • [FIX] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Skip check if has '_name' and fix when you use '_inherit' name out of class attribute . Add more tests
  • [REF] missing-newline-extrafiles: Skip lib folder
  • [FIX] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Fix leaving module isn't a good idea. Better close method
  • [IMP] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Support disable comment
  • [REF] consider-merging-classes-inherited: Use assign node and better message
  • [ADD] consider-merging-classes-inherited
  • [REF] Increase performance
  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: Enable cProfile print stats
  • [IMP] deprecated-module: Add exception for the case of valid openerp.osv.expression (#40)
  • [IMP] sql-injection: Add compatibility with .format (#44)
  • [REF] translation-required: 100% coverage
  • [IMP] translation-required: Support % strings
  • [IMP] translation-required: Support .format
  • [FIX] translation-required: Fix AttributeError 'Getattr' object has no attribute 'name'
  • [IMP] translation-required: Just check odoo exceptions
  • [FIX] odoolint: Remove unsafe eval and reduce mccabe rate


  • [REF] README: Add new checks (#36)
  • [FIX] duplicate-xml-fields: Support security xml style (#35)
  • [ADD] sql-injection: Add new check to avoid sql injection (#29)
  • [FIX] missing-newline-extrafiles: Fix 'IOError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument' by files of size 2 (#37)
  • [REF] README: Add new checks
  • [ADD] method-param: Check param method starts with "_param_" (#33)
  • [FIX] join_node_args_kwargs: AttributeError (#30)
  • [REF] duplicate-id-csv: Better message of error - Message before: Duplicate id id_example1 in ir.model.access.csv file - Message now: security/ir.model.access.csv duplicated id id_example1
  • [REF] javascript-lint: Ignore /lib/ subfolder
  • [ADD] invalid-commit: Add new check invalid-commit - Verify the guideline


  • [REF] README.rst: Updating new checks
  • [IMP] test: Add tox for multi-environment and add compatiblity with latest version
  • [ADD] translation-required: Add check to required even a translation (#23)
  • [IMP] Add pylint check missing newline in extra extension files
  • [IMP] test: Add tox for multi-environment and add compatiblity with latest version
  • [IMP] Add Check tabs identation instead of four spaces
  • better_msg
  • merge
  • [REF] test: better way to identify check error expected
  • [IMP] Add check Duplicate field in xml record (#20)
  • [IMP] Add pylint check Redundant module name reference in xml_id
  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: Add check duplicate ids in ir.model.access.csv files
  • [IMP] pylint_odoo: Add check for manifest-version-format
  • [FIX] OCA/MQT#302: Use of astroid version 1.3.8


  • [FIX] setup: Build ChangeLog file
  • [ADD] Add check 'deprecated-openerp-xml-node'
  • [ADD] ChangeLog: Empty file to support auto build
  • [FIX] Change _fields by _columns
  • [REF] Fix typo
  • [IMP] Add check 'create-user-without-reset-password'
  • [IMP] Support odoo tag in xml file
  • [REF] Support of 'noupdate' in check 'duplicate-xml-record-id'
  • [REF] setup.cfg: Enable ChangeLog
  • [REF] README: Add new message manifest-author-string


  • check that author is a string


  • [REF] Migrate md to rst


  • [IMP] .travis.yml: Enable auto deploy of pypi package from travis
  • [ADD] pylint_odoo: Add main package
  • [ADD] .gitignore: Add file gitignore for first commit

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