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Python LysKOM library

Project description

pylyskom is a Python library for communicating with LysKOM servers over LysKOM Protocol A.

The source code can be found at:

Packages are published on PyPI:

LysKOM Protocol A specification can be found here:


pylyskom was originally based on python-lyskom. The following files originates from python-lyskom:,, aux-items.txt and make_komauxitems. Most of the changes since then comes from httpkom’s use of Httpkom also built some wrappers (komsession) around the code, to make it easier to use. Pylyskom was created as an attempt to break out komsession and the modifications to from httpkom.

Code status


Preparing a release

TODO: How do we update the documentation on github pages?

On master:

  1. Update and check

  2. Increment version number and remove +dev suffix (in pylyskom/

  3. Run tests locally with make test. Test manually by using jskom.

  4. Commit, push.

  5. Check CI build/test results.

  6. Tag (annotated) with v<version> (example: v0.1) and push the tag:

    git tag -a v0.1 -m "Version 0.1"
    git push origin v0.1
  7. Build PyPI dist: make dist

  8. Push to Test PyPI: twine upload --repository testpypi dist/* and check .

  9. Push to PyPI: twine upload dist/* and check .

  10. Add +dev suffix to version number, commit and push.


Install and update release tools with:

pip install --upgrade setuptools wheel pip twine

Twine is used for pushing the built dist to PyPI. The examples in the release process depends on a .pypirc file with config for the pypi and testpypi repositories.

Example of .pypirc:

username = __token__
password = pypi-...

repository =
username = __token__
password = pypi-...

Project details

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Source Distribution

pylyskom-0.8.tar.gz (56.2 kB view hashes)

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