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Python library for accessing BBC Microcomputer DFS disk images and MMB disk bundles

Project description


PyMMB is a python library to allow access to BBC Microcomputer DFS disc images, and MMB disc image bundles.


The BBC Microcomputer has been around for many years (over 30 years now), and in all that time it has supported Tape, Floppy Disk, and occasionally small Hard Disk Drive storage (If you have a 1770 and ADFS) but thanks to the work of a number of enthusiasts there is now an inexpensive add-on to allow any BBC Microcomputer (even those without Floppy Disk hardware) to access mass storage on MMC Flash Cards.

This is wonderful but then poses a further problem, how to get the disk images that the MMC/SuperMMC/TurboMMC hardware supports onto the flash card?

There are some tools which have been used for several years, they work ok, as long as you are running a supported version of Windows (They don’t work, for example, under Wine or CrossoverOffice), but I’ve found them a little confusing. The process to create an MMB, add a new disk and put files on it is well documented but requires several steps and provides ample opportunity for mistakes.


This is where PyMMB is intended to fit in. The aim of the project is to provide a platform independant library, command-line toolset, GUI application and FUSE binding for managing files stored on DFS disks, contained within MMB files.

This package is the library providing all the functionality used by other parts of the project. To make use of this library you should install one, or more, of PyMMBtools, PyMMBgui or PyMMBfuse.


This package is written for Python 2.x (at least 2.5) and currently is not supported under Python 3.x


You can install PyMMB with your favourite egg installer. We recommend using pip

pip install PyMMB


If you are using pip you can uninstall using

pip uninstall PyMMB


Contributions of code, development time, testing, or money are welcome. If you are kind enough to donate money, your name (and optionally company name, and email or web address) will be listed as a sponsor.

You can join the project, see the current auto-build status, download the code or browse the repository at

Please consider joining the PyMMB project before you fork. While you are welcome to do either, joining us will help propell PyMMB forwards faster the larger the contributor base becomes.


Development of this project is being sponsored by the following generous individuals or organisations :

  • Top Level Software Products Unlimited

  • Limbic Cloud Solutions


  • Acorn Computers - For producing probably the most innovative computer for its time ever.

  • Martin Mather - For developing the original MMC Flash Card interface (and the MMB file format which bears his initials) for the BBC Micro.

  • Steve O’Leary - The code for FS Manager which helped me understand both MMB and DFS formats better.



  • First production release

  • Planned features implemented

  • Unit tests

  • CI/CD build and deployment

  • Documentation updated


  • Documentation updates


  • First beta release

  • New build/release system (Gitlab CI based)


  • First alpha release

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