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Project description

Python: Moving Intelligence

Basic Python 3 API wrapper for Moving Intelligence asset and fleet management


This package allows you to get get data from

NOTE: You need a login account together with an apikey to be able to use it.


pip3 install pymovingintelligence

Example code

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from pymovingintelligence import MovingIntelligence, InvalidAuthError, InvalidPermissionsError
import logging
import sys
import json
import time

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

    ## Init

    # Initialize API client with your login name and apikey
    api = MovingIntelligence(
        username="YOUR USERNAME",
        apikey="YOUR APIKEY",

    ## Misc data
    # Get trip classifications
    classifications = api.get_trip_classifications()

    # Get trip periods
    periods = api.get_trip_periods()

    ## Person data
    # Get all persons
    persons = api.get_persons()

    for person in persons:
        person_id = person["id"]
        name = person["name"]
        # Get trips for person"Get trips for %s", name), 'TODAY', 'UNKNOWN'))"Get detailed trips for %s", name), 'TODAY', 'UNKNOWN'))

    ## Object data
    # Get all objects
    objects = api.get_objects()

    for object in objects:
        object_id = object["id"]
        brand = object["brand"]
        model = object["model"]"Get odometer readings for %s %s", brand, model)"Get trips for %s %s", brand, model), 'TODAY', 'UNKNOWN'))"Get detailed trips for %s %s", brand, model), 'TODAY', 'UNKNOWN'))

except InvalidAuthError:
    logger.debug("Authenticaton error, your username and/or apikey is invalid.")
except InvalidPermissionsError:
    logger.debug("You don't have permission to access this data.")
except (Exception) as err:
    logger.debug("Unknown error occurred. %s", err)

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