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library to build a custom SMTP server

Project description

pymta is a library to build a custom SMTP server in Python. This is useful if you want to…

  • test mail-sending code against a real SMTP server even in your unit tests.

  • build a custom SMTP server with non-standard behavior without reimplementing the whole SMTP protocol.

  • have a low-volume SMTP server which can be easily extended using Python


0.5.1 (08.06.2010)

  • Fix egg file generation: Include all necessary packages in eggs

0.5.0 (07.04.2010)

  • Dropped dependency to repoze.workflow because the module added a lot of dependencies recently (six others in total). The new, custom state machine also supports flags and conditions which suits SMTP very much.

  • Added dependency to pycerberus (>= 0.3.1) to validate all sent parameters thoroughly with sensible error messages.

  • All inputs from peers is now validated

  • relaxed restrictions for the HELO/EHLO parameter (as real world clients don’t send real host names)

  • Fixed bug - ESMTP session switched back to plain SMTP after the first mail was sent

  • Fixed bug - Hang after sending data to a broken connection

0.4.0 (08.06.2009)

  • Compatibility fixes for Python 2.3-2.6

  • Policies can drop connection to the client before or after the response

  • CommandParser is more robust against various socket errors

  • Better infrastructure and documentation to use pymta in third-party tests

0.3.1 (27.02.2009)

  • Fixed bug which caused hang after unexpected connection drop by client

0.3 (15.02.2009)

  • Switch to process-based architecture, got rid of asyncore

  • Support for size-limitations of messages, huge messages will not be stored in memory if they will be rejected anyway (denial of service prevention)

  • API documentation is now auto-generated

  • Renamed DefaultMTAPolicy to IMTAPolicy and moved all interfaces to pymta.api

  • Added the debugging_server as an extremely simple example of a pymta-based server

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