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Photon Python client

Project description

🗺 Light Photon client written in Python

Latest Version codecov Build Status License: MIT


pip install pyphoton


If you need some code ready to use, is a good starting point

Execute queries

Python Photon client allows you to make queries to Photon service easily.

from pyphoton import Photon

client = Photon()
location = client.query('berlin', limit=1)

print (
print (location.latitude)
print (location.longitude)

Photon object accepts two parameters:

  • host: the url where Photon instance is running (default

  • language: the preferred language (default is en)

You can pass the query method the following parameters along the query string:

  • limit: limit number of results

  • language: force language in the query

  • latitude and longitude: use them to search with priority to a geo position

  • location_bias_scale: use to search with location bias

  • osm_tags: a string or list containing osm tags filters

  • bbox: a string with comma-separated values or list containing bounding box coordinates

Location object (or objects if you don’t set limit=1) is generated from the json returned and contains all the information you need: name, state, street, city, osm attributes, extent_from.latitude, extent_from.longitude, extent_to.latitude, extent_to.longitude …

Deal with errors

If there’s an error in your query, a PhotonException will be raised

from pyphoton import Photon
from pyphoton.errors import PhotonException

client = Photon()
    location = client.query('', limit=1)
except PhotonException as ex:
    print (ex)

Run tests

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
make test

WIP Features

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