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Python package to dynamically read setup configurations and load dependencies.

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Pyppyn helps you dynamically read setup configurations and load dependencies.

Since pip is excellent at reading setup configurations and loading dependencies, why Pyppyn? If you need programmatic access to dependency information, for example, in dynamically creating standalone applications using GravityBee and PyInstaller, Pyppyn can help you out.

Pyppyn can be used in scripts or using the CLI. Either way, it can be installed easily.

$ pip install pyppyn


Pyppyn will display help in typical fashion.

$ pyppyn --help


To parse the included test mini Python package (tests/minipippy), with a setup.cfg and file, and install the required dependencies, you can use this command. This allows you to install dependencies without installing the package.

$ pyppyn --setup-path tests/minipippy --platform linux -v -a
Pyppyn CLI, 0.3.5
[Pyppyn] Platform: linux
[Pyppyn] Setup path: tests/minipippy
[Pyppyn] Reading configuration of tests/minipippy
[Pyppyn] Building wheel from tests/minipippy
[Pyppyn] Extracting wheel (unzipping)
[Pyppyn] Wheel archive found: ./minipippy-4.8.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl
[Pyppyn] Unzipping: ./minipippy-4.8.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl
[Pyppyn] Going through wheel directories
[Pyppyn] Looking at wheel top level
[Pyppyn] Reading names of console scripts
[Pyppyn] Reading wheel metadata
[Pyppyn] Cleaning up wheel
[Pyppyn] This Python: 3.6
[Pyppyn] Version from tests/minipippy : 4.8.2
[Pyppyn] Unsupported marker [ six ]: platform_system == "linux" and python_version > "3.3"
[Pyppyn] Install Requires:
[Pyppyn]    Generally required: ['backoff', 'click', 'pyyaml']
[Pyppyn]    For this OS: []
[Pyppyn]    For this Python version: []
[Pyppyn]    Unparsed markers: ['six']
[Pyppyn]    Others listed by not required (e.g., wrong platform): ['defusedxml', 'pypiwin32']
[Pyppyn] Installing package: backoff
[Pyppyn] Imported module: backoff
[Pyppyn] Installing package: click
[Pyppyn] Imported module: click
[Pyppyn] Installing package: pyyaml
[Pyppyn] Imported module: yaml

From Python

This is a sample usage of Pyppyn from a Python script.

import pyppyn

# Create an instance
p = pyppyn.ConfigRep(setup_path="tests/minipippy")

# Load config, install dependencies and import a module from the package

print("Package requires:", p.get_required(include_extras_require=False))


Pyppyn is hosted on GitHub and is an open source project that welcomes contributions of all kinds from the community.

For more information about contributing, see the contributor guidelines.


This module is named in honor of Pippin, a companion, friend, Bichon Frise-Shih Tzu mix. He passed away on March 30, 2018 at the age of 12 after a battle with diabetes, blindness, deafness, and loss of smell. Pleasant to the end, he was a great, great dog.


0.5.0 - 2022.04.21

  • [DEPRECATION] Deprecates Python 3.6 support.

0.4.0 - 2021.08.02

  • [FEATURE] Add option to include/exclude extras_require from required packages, using get_required(include_extras_require=False).

0.3.17 - 2020.02.27

  • [FIX] Remove standard packages from setup.cfg install requires.

0.3.13 - 2020.01.15

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove pipenv files, update setup.cfg dependencies.

0.3.12 - 2020.01.14

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update dependencies.

0.3.11 - 2019.05.06

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update dependencies.

0.3.10 - 2019.02.05

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Perform work in ‘.pyppyn’ directory.

0.3.9 - 2019.01.29

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Minor cleanup.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Transfer to Plus3IT.

0.3.8 - 2019.01.24

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Restructure Travis CI linting, testing, deploying so deploy only happens when other stages complete successfully.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve speed of MacOS builds significantly.

0.3.7 - 2019.01.23

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Minor change to Travis CI, remove AppVeyor.

0.3.6 - 2019.01.23

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Replace print with log.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve compatibility across Windows, MacOS, Linux; add tests to Travis CI.

0.3.5 - 2019.01.05

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Fix flake8, pylint issues, add pipenv Pipfile, fix compatibility with Python 3.7.

0.3.4 - 2018.06.20

  • [FIX] Determine available module(s) from a package was not working on Windows. This functionality is not required by GravityBee so it was removed to allow everything to work smoothly on Windows.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Clean up code, comments.

0.3.3 - 2018.05.07

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Integrate with Satsuki to simplify the release process.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Integrate with GravityBee to create standalone executables for platforms.

0.3.2 - 2018.04.26

  • [FIX] Minor tweak to way that work directories are created to avoid namespace collisions using UUIDs.

0.3.1 - 2018.04.24

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add convenience methods for accessing configuration data.

  • [FIX] Improve state handling.

0.3.0 - 2018.04.23

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Now provides support for packages with and/or setup.cfg configuations.

0.2.3 - 2018.04.16

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved usability by maintaining state of instances of ConfigRep, so methods can be called and object will know whether it is in the correct state to respond. It will call appropriate prerequisite methods if not.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Provide a convenience method to give all required packages in one list.

0.2.2 - 2018.04.13

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Changed format of readme and changelog to RST, and simplified as a result.

0.2.1 - 2018.04.13

Provides these capabilities (in limited form):

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Extract package dependencies from setup.cfg file.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Determine which dependencies will be needed on the current os/python version.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Find a module associated with a package.

  • [ENHANCEMENT] Install (and import) dependencies.

0.1.0 - 2018.04.10

  • Initial release!

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