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Generates a random password.

Project description

Generates a random password. Can be used as a stand-alone CLI program or imported into projects.


python install

pip install pypw


pypw -l 20 - Generate a random password that is 20 characters long pypw -s "TurnTh1sIntoMyP4ssW()RD" --no-mixed - Generate a password from -s without mixed casing pypw -h - Display the help screen


pypw.RandomPassword(sequence=None, mixedCases=True)
    sequence(str): The string you want to create a password from
    mixedCases(bool): Generate mixed casing on letters

    returns: <pypw.RandomPassword instance>

        returns: True/False

        - Randomizes the casing on a string or list

        sequence(str/list): The string to randomize casing on

        returns: List of characters

    generateRandomPW(length=None, alpha=True, digits=True, symbols=True)
        - Generate a random password chosen by PyPW

        length(int): Defines how many characters you want in the generated password
        alpha(bool): Choose to use alphabetical characters in randomly generated password or not
        digits(bool): Choose to use digits (0-9) in randomly generated password or not
        symbols(bool): Choose to use symbols in randomly generated password or not

        returns: Dict with result, score, ranking and phonetic

        - Generate password from the arguments passed to RandomPassword

        returns: Dict with result, score, ranking and phonetic

        - Generate a 'phrase' to (hopefully) help the user remember the password. (Not guaranteed to make sense!)

        sequence(str): The string you want to generate a phonetic phrase on

        returns: Str

        - Calculate the strength of the password based on length, digits, symbols and casing

        returns: Tuple

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