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QuickCheck-like testing framework for Python

Project description

pyqcy [pyksi:] is an automated testing framework for Python inspired by the wonderful QuickCheck library for Haskell.

What’s the idea?

Instead of writing fully-fledged test cases, with pyqcy you simply define logical properties that your code is expected to satisfy. Based on that, pyqcy will automatically generate test cases for you - hundreds of them, in fact!

How does it look like?

For starters, try this:

from pyqcy import qc, int_, main

def addition_actually_works(
    x=int_(min=0), y=int_(min=0)
    the_sum = x + y
    assert the_sum >= x and the_sum >= y

if __name__ == '__main__':
$ pip install pyqcy
$ python
addition_actually_works: passed 100 tests.

pyqcy generated 100 test cases and checked whether they all pass. For a few lines of code, that’s rather nice, isn’t it? :)

Of course, you are not limited to integers - there is built-in support for all standard types, including lists and dictionaries. Custom classes can be used as well: just specify how to generate an @arbitrary object of your class, and you’re set.

Hey, I like it!

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