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Python driver for Amazon QLDB

Project description

Amazon QLDB Python Driver

This is the Python driver for Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), which allows Python developers to write software that makes use of AmazonQLDB.

Documentation Status

For our tutorial, see Python and Amazon QLDB.


Basic Configuration

See Accessing Amazon QLDB for information on connecting to AWS.

Python 3.4 or later

The driver requires Python 3.4 or later. Please see the link below for more detail to install Python:

Getting Started

First, install the driver using pip:

pip install pyqldb

Then from a Python interpreter, call the driver and specify the ledger name:

from pyqldb.driver.pooled_qldb_driver import PooledQldbDriver

qldb_driver = PooledQldbDriver(ledger_name='test-ledger')
qldb_session = qldb_driver.get_session()

for table in qldb_session.list_tables():

See Also

  1. Getting Started with Amazon QLDB Python Driver A guide that gets you started with executing transactions with the QLDB Python driver.
  2. QLDB Python Driver Cookbook The cookbook provides code samples for some simple QLDB Python driver use cases.
  3. Amazon QLDB Python Driver Tutorial: In this tutorial, you use the QLDB Driver for Python to create an Amazon QLDB ledger and populate it with tables and sample data.
  4. Amazon QLDB Python Driver Samples: A DMV based example application which demonstrates how to use QLDB with the QLDB Driver for Python.
  5. QLDB Python driver accepts and returns Amazon ION Documents. Amazon Ion is a richly-typed, self-describing, hierarchical data serialization format offering interchangeable binary and text representations. For more information read the ION docs.
  6. Amazon QLDB supports the PartiQL query language. PartiQL provides SQL-compatible query access across multiple data stores containing structured data, semistructured data, and nested data. For more information read the PartiQL docs.
  7. Refer the section Common Errors while using the Amazon QLDB Drivers which describes runtime errors that can be thrown by the Amazon QLDB Driver when calling the qldb-session APIs.



Assuming that you have Python and virtualenv installed, set up your environment and installed the dependencies like this instead of the pip install pyqldb defined above:

$ git clone
$ cd amazon-qldb-driver-python
$ virtualenv venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -e .

Running Tests

You can run the unit tests with this command:

$ pytest --cov-report term-missing --cov=pyqldb


Sphinx is used for documentation. You can generate HTML locally with the following:

$ pip install -r requirements-docs.txt
$ pip install -e .
$ cd docs
$ make html


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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