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Command line wrapper for pyright

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Pyright for Python

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Pyright for Python is a Python command-line wrapper over pyright, a static type checker for Python.


Use the package manager pip to install pyright.

pip install pyright


Pyright can be invoked using two different methods

pyright --help


python3 -m pyright --help

Pyright for Python should work exactly the same as pyright does, see the pyright documentation for details on how to make use of pyright.


You can also setup pyright to run automatically before each commit by setting up pre-commit and registering pyright in your .pre-commit-config.yaml file

  - repo:
    rev: v1.1.372
    - id: pyright

Pre-commit will install pyright-python in its own virtual environment which can cause pyright to not be able to detect your installed dependencies.

To fix this you can either tell pre-commit to also install those dependencies or explicitly tell pyright which virtual environment to use by updating your pyright configuration file:

# ...
venvPath = "."
venv = ".venv"


Pyright is written in TypeScript, requiring node to be installed, and is normally installed with npm. This could be an entry barrier for some Python developers as they may not have node or npm installed on their machine; I wanted to make pyright as easy to install as any normal Python package.

How Pyright for Python Works

This project works by first checking if node is in the PATH. If it is not, then we download node at runtime using nodeenv, then install the pyright npm package using npm and finally, run the downloaded JS with node.

Automatically keeping pyright up to date

By default Pyright for Python is set to target a specific pyright version and new releases will be automatically created whenever a new pyright version is released. It is highly recommended to use an automatic dependency update tool such as dependabot.

If you would rather not have to update your installation every time a new pyright release is created then you can automatically use the latest available pyright version by setting the environment variable PYRIGHT_PYTHON_FORCE_VERSION to latest.


You can configure Pyright for Python using environment variables.


Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_DEBUG to any value.

Modify Pyright Version

Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_FORCE_VERSION to the desired version, e.g. 1.1.156, latest

Keeping Pyright and Pylance in sync

Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_PYLANCE_VERSION to your Pylance version, e.g. 2023.11.11, latest-release, latest-prerelease. The corresponding Pyright version will be used. See Pylance's changelog for details on recent releases. Note that PYRIGHT_PYTHON_FORCE_VERSION takes precedence over PYRIGHT_PYTHON_PYLANCE_VERSION, so you'll want to set one or the other, not both.

Show NPM logs

By default, Pyright for Python disables npm error messages, if you want to display the npm error messages then set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_VERBOSE to any truthy value.

Modify NPM Package Location

Pyright for Python will resolve the root cache directory by checking the following environment variables, in order:


If neither of them are set it defaults to ~/.cache

Force Node Env

Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_GLOBAL_NODE to any non-truthy value, i.e. anything apart from 1, t, on, or true. e.g. off You can optionally choose the version of node used by setting PYRIGHT_PYTHON_NODE_VERSION to the desired version

Modify Node Env Location

Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_ENV_DIR to a valid nodeenv directory. e.g. ~/.cache/nodeenv

Ignore Warnings

Set PYRIGHT_PYTHON_IGNORE_WARNINGS to a truthy value, e.g. 1, t, on, or true.

Pyright for Python will print warnings for the following case(s)

  • There is a new Pyright version available.


All pull requests are welcome.



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