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Tools for geochemical data analysis.

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pyrolite is a set of tools for making the most of your geochemical data.

The python package includes functions to work with compositional data, to transform geochemical variables (e.g. elements to oxides), functions for common plotting tasks (e.g. spiderplots, ternary diagrams, bivariate and ternary density diagrams), and numerous auxiliary utilities.

pyrolite is principally developed for use in geochemical research, but is also well suited to being incorporated into university-level geochemistry and petrology classes which wish to include a little Python. The documentation is continually evolving, and more examples and tutorials will gradually be added (feel free to request features or examples; see Contributing below).


PyPI Compatible Python Versions pyrolite downloads

pip install pyrolite

If you want the most up to date development version, you can instead install directly from the GitHub repo. Note that breaking changes occur on this branch, and is not guaranteed to remain stable (check the Development and Build Status below). If you still want to try out the most recent bugfixes and yet-to-be-released features, you can install this version with:

pip install git+git://

For more information, see the documentation's installation page, and the Getting Started Guide.


Check out the documentation for galleries of examples and tutorials. If you'd rather flip through notebooks here on GitHub, these same examples can be found in the folders docs/source/examples and docs/source/tutorials.


The long-term aim of this project is to be designed, built and supported by (and for) the geochemistry community. The project welcomes feature requests, bug reports and contributions to the code base, documentation and test suite. We're happy to help onboard new contributors and walk you through the process. Check out the Issues Board to get an idea of some of the some of the currently identified bugs and things we're looking to work on. For more information, see the documentation, particularly the Contributing page and Code of Conduct.

For a list of people who have helped build and improve pyrolite, check out the Contributors page.

If you'd like an idea of where the project might be heading in the near future, have a look at the current roadmap.


DOI Archive

If you use pyrolite extensively for your research, citation of the software would be particularly appreciated. It helps quantify the impact of the project (assisting those contributing through paid and volunteer work), and is one way to get the message out and help build the pyrolite community. For information on citing pyrolite, see the relevant docs page.

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