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Project description

Pyrone is a lightweight and simple personal blog-like CMS application written in Python and Pyramid framework.

Pyrone is currently requires python 3.5 and postgresql. Python version 2 is no longer supported.


  • basic blog functions: writing new articles, discussions (comments), email notifications on replies;

  • social buttons (twitter, google+);

  • internal files storage;

  • backup & restore functions;

  • Markdown markup for articles and discussions;

  • external authentication: twitter etc.


Pyrone is licensed under New BSD License license terms.


Pyrone is written by Sergey Stolyarov.

Pyrone uses some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. <>


Release: 2018-03-07

  • minor text fixes

  • fixed old backup restoration error

  • updated default styles

  • added “facebook share” social button

  • updated dependencies versions

  • major documentation and examples update


Release 2016-11-15

  • fixed incorrect twitter VIA name


Released 2016-07-??

  • updated dependencies versions

  • fixed issue #11


Released 2016-02-27

  • updated dependencies;

  • docs rearranged (splitted into smaller parts and converted to Markdown from rst)

  • secure (https-only) cookie, disabled by default, edit production.ini to enable

  • bug fixes: issue #3, issue #9, issue #10

  • recommended database setup is now postgres


  • fixed translation (email template)


  • migrated to python3.4

  • code cleanup

  • email notification templates moved to mako templates from settings

  • asynchronous email notifications

  • some UI improvements and UI cleanup

  • added font-awesome for icons

  • added 404 and 403 error pages


  • fixed article size limit (changes in the database)


Released 2013-03-17, minor bugfix release

  • fixed broken package

1.1.0 —

  • added themes support (

  • new themes

  • files in the storage could be overwritten now

  • minor fixes in HTML templates code

  • code cleanup (deleted outdated files, updated sample configs)

Upgrade notes

You must execute database initialization script after upgrade, for example:

$ cd /home/blog/pyrone3-blog $ source env/bin/activate $ pyronedbinit –sample-data –sample-data-file=env/share/pyrone/sample-data.json production.ini

Or in the development version:

$ python -m pyrone.scripts.pyronedbinit –sample-data development.ini


Released 2014-03-15, bugfix minor release


Released 2014-03-14

  • code migrated to Python 3.3, Python 2 is no longer supported

  • fixed twitter auth

  • major documentation update (installation guide and examples)

  • new installation method: using helper script for database initialization

  • project is hosted on github now


  • new icons (from

  • languages selector moved to site settings and removed from account panel

  • pages list is now language independent

  • comment form is disabled now when posting process is in progress

  • fixed broken tags cloud

  • fixed incorrect pager links for “tag” pages


  • major documentation update

  • new sample configuration files


  • major code cleanup (PEP-8)

  • fixed twitter authentication (issue 43)


  • added simple article markup editor

  • fixed issue #35: Add code blocks syntax highlighter

  • article action links replaced with images

  • new article markup instructions

  • translation fixes


  • fixed issue #40: broken next/prev link on “tag” pages

  • fixed issue #8: handle url that ends with slash

  • fixed issue #41: added site search widget


  • default mysql engine driver changed to MySQL-python from pymysql

  • frontend has been moved to jQuery from Ext.Core

  • some minor admin gui improvements (more handy settings page)

  • tunable social services buttons

  • added backups download

  • translation fixes

  • internals: new password hashing method

  • internals: new role-based users system

  • internals: backup version is 1.1 now, old backups are supported


  • css styles update

  • added product version to admin page

  • product version is now stored in the module pyrone, not in

  • resolved issue #12


  • fixed issue #36: tags cloud is not updated after post update/create

  • fixed issue: error 503 on attempt to open picture


  • minor fix in default styles


  • fixed issue #34, also completely rewritten caching (using uwsgi caching framework)

  • limit to article length increased up to 16 MB (use MEDIUMTEXT for mysql db)

  • UI improvements (new font, new dynamic headers and control links)


  • translation fixes

  • issue #34: pages widget not working properly


  • added python markdown extension def_list to support definitions lists (html DL tags)


  • dummy version to fix package building issues


  • issue #33: wrong headers passed to WSGI server


  • minor CSS update: article preview in edit mode rendered incorrectly


  • default style slightly changed

  • translation fixes

  • issue #28: Comments counter not decreased after removing a comment

  • issue #32: Not approved comments are still visible to everyone

  • issue #29: Display error 404 not 503 while accessing non existing blog page

  • issue #30: Substitution variables in notification email are not replaced with actual values


  • issue #24: draft article are still accessible for all users

  • issue #26: footnotes markup break article preview

  • issue #20: cookie expiration date is not set

  • issue #25: saving page is being edited without redirectint to another page

  • issue #27: some i18n issues

  • issue #11: favicons support added


  • translations updated

  • ussue #19: time conversion problems between timezones

  • issue #21: devision by zero exception in case of equal tags counts


  • translations updated

  • issue #18: fixed


  • issue #10: RSS support added

  • issue #17: new widget: pages

  • issue #14: added javascript localization

  • issue #1: comments moderation queue added

  • translations updated

  • default local login and password are now configurable via .ini file (see development.ini for details)


  • issue #15: incorrect tag links

  • issue #6: Google Analytics support


  • Initial version

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