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Python Pyrus API client

Project description

A python 3 client for the Pyrus API.

The full documentation for API can be found here.


To get the latest version:


To start with the module:

>>>  from pyrus import client
>>>  import pyrus.models
>>>  pyrus_client = client.PyrusAPI(login='', security_key='sadf2R5Wrdkn..')



>>> pyrus_client.auth()

Get all form templates:

>>> forms_response = pyrus_client.get_forms()
>>> forms = forms_response.forms

Get list of tasks created using specified form:

>>> form_register_response = pyrus_client.get_registry(forms[0].id)
>>> tasks = form_register_response.tasks

You can also filter registry by specific field value, status or current step number:

>>> request = pyrus.models.requests.FormRegisterRequest(
        filters=[pyrus.models.entities.EqualsFilter(1, "hello world")])
>>> form_register_response = pyrus_client.get_registry(forms[0].id, request)

Get task with all comments:

>>> task = pyrus_client.get_task(tasks[0].id).task

Add new comment to the task:

>>> request = pyrus.models.requests.TaskCommentRequest(text="hello", action="finished")
>>> task = pyrus_client.comment_task(tasks[0].id, request).task
Upload a file:
>>> response = myclient.upload_file('C:\\path\\to\\file.txt').guid

Create a task:

>>> request = CreateTaskRequest(
        text="Task from python client",
        participants=['', 10196] #you can specify person id, email, or pyrus.models.entities.Person object
        attachments = [guid])
>>> task = pyrus_client.create_task(request).task

Get all available contacts:

>>> contacts = pyrus_client.get_contacts()

Get catalog with all items:

>>> catalog_id = 1525
>>> catalog_response = pyrus_client.get_catalog(catalog_id)
>>> items = catalog_response.items

Get profile:

>>> profile_response = pyrus_client.get_profile()

Get inbox:

>>> inbox_response = pyrus_client.get_inbox(tasks_count=100)

Get calendar:

>>> calendar_response = (pyrus_client.get_calendar_tasks(req.CalendarRequest(
            datetime.datetime.utcnow() - datetime.timedelta(days=30),
            datetime.datetime.utcnow() + datetime.timedelta(days=30),

Get announcement with all comments:

>>> announcement = pyrus_client.get_announcement(12321321).announcement

Get announcements with all comments:

>>> announcements = pyrus_client.get_announcements().announcements

Add new comment to the announcement:

>>> request = pyrus.models.requests.AnnouncementCommentRequest(text="hello", attachments = ['BEFCE22E-AEFF-4771-83D4-2A4B78FB05C6'])
>>> announcement = pyrus_client.comment_announcement(12321321, request).announcement

Create an announcement:

>>> request = CreateAnnouncementRequest(
        text="Announcement from python client",
        attachments = [guid])
>>> announcement = pyrus_client.create_announcement(request).announcement

Get form permissions:

>>> permissions = pyrus_client.get_permissions(123)

Change form permissions:

>>> request = pyrus.models.requests.ChangePermissionsRequest({1733:'member'})
>>> changed_permissions = pyrus_client.change_permissions(123, request)


If you have any questions or comments please send an email to

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