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Versatile and flexible Python State Machine library

Project description

pysm - Python State Machine

Versatile and flexible Python State Machine library.

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Implement simple and complex state machines

It can do simple things like this:

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Or somewhat more complex like that:

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Python State Machine

`The State Pattern <>`_
solves many problems, untangles the code and saves one's sanity.
Yet.., it's a bit rigid and doesn't scale. The goal of this library is to give
you a close to the State Pattern simplicity with much more flexibility. And,
if needed, the full state machine functionality, including `FSM
<>`_, `HSM
#Hierarchically_nested_states>`_, `PDA
<>`_ and other tasty things.


* Provide a State Pattern-like behavior with more flexibility (see
`Documentation <>`_ for
* Be explicit and don't add any magic code to objects that use pysm
* Handle directly any kind of event or input (not only strings) - parsing
strings is cool again!
* Keep it simple, even for someone who's not very familiar with the FSM


* Finite State Machine (FSM)
* Hierarchical State Machine (HSM) with Internal/External/Local transitions
* Pushdown Automaton (PDA)
* Transition callbacks - action, before, after
* State hooks - enter, exit, and other event handlers
* Entry and exit actions are associated with states, not transitions
* Events may be anything as long as they're hashable
* States history and transition to previous states
* Conditional transitions (if/elif/else-like logic)
* Explicit behaviour (no method or attribute is added to the object containing a state machine)
* No need to extend a class with State Machine class (composition over inheritance)
* Fast (even with hundreds of transition rules)
* Not too many pythonisms, so that it's easily portable to other languages (ie. `JavaScript <>`_).
* Micropython support


Install pysm from `PyPI <>`_::

pip install pysm

or clone the `Github pysm repository <>`_::

git clone
cd pysm
python install


Read the docs for API documentation and examples -

See Unit Tests to see it working and extensively tested.

Micropython support
The library works with pyboards!::

import upip

* `Documentation <>`_
* `Installation <>`_
* `Github <>`_
* `Issues <>`_
* `Examples <>`_

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