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SparkUI enchancements with pyspark

Project description

# pyspark-sugar

Set python traceback on dataframe actions, enrich spark UI with actual business logic stages of spark application.

## Installation

Via pip:
pip install pyspark-sugar

Directly from github:
pip install git+

## Usage

Consider this synthetic example
import random

import pyspark
import pyspark_sugar
from pyspark.sql import functions as F

# Set verbose job description through decorator
@pyspark_sugar.job_description_decor('Get nulls after type casts')
def get_incorrect_cast_cols(sdf, cols):
Return columns with non-zero nulls amount across its values.

:param cols: Subset of columns to check
cols = set(cols) & set(sdf.columns)
if not cols:
return {}
null_counts = sdf.agg(*[F.sum(F.isnull(col).cast('int')).alias(col) for col in cols]).collect()[0]
return {col: null_counts[col] for col in cols if null_counts[col]}

def main():
sc = pyspark.SparkContext.getOrCreate() # type: pyspark.SparkContext
ssc = pyspark.sql.SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate()

# Define a job group. All actions inside job group will be grouped.
with pyspark_sugar.job_group('ETL', None):
sdf = ssc.createDataFrame([
{'CONTACT_KEY': n, 'PRODUCT_KEY': random.choice(['1', '2', 'what', None])}
for n in range(1000)

sdf = sdf.withColumn('PRODUCT_KEY', F.col('PRODUCT_KEY').cast('integer'))

# Collect action inside this function will have nice and readable description
print(get_incorrect_cast_cols(sdf, ['PRODUCT_KEY']))

sdf = sdf.dropna(subset=['PRODUCT_KEY'])

# You can define several job groups one after another.
with pyspark_sugar.job_group('Analytics', 'Check dataframe metrics'):

# Set job description for actions made inside context manager.
with pyspark_sugar.job_description('Get transactions count'):


if __name__ == '__main__':
# Patch almost-all dataframe actions with code that will set stack trace to job details description
with pyspark_sugar.patch_dataframe_actions():


This how SparkUI pages will look like:

![SparkUI jobs page screenshot](docs/screenshots/screenshot_jobs.png)
![SparkUI sql page screenshot](docs/screenshots/screenshot_sql.png)

Now SparkUI is full of human-readable descriptions so even you manager can read it! Sweet.

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