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Wraps the open-source Stockfish chess engine for easy integration into python.

Project description

This integrates the Stockfish chess engine with python. It allows the engine to be used

by invoking an easy-to-use Engine class with synchronization handled automatically.

>>> from pystockfish import *
>>> deep = Engine(depth=20)
>>> deep.setposition(['e2e4'])
>>> deep.bestmove()
{'info': 'info depth 10 seldepth 13 score cp -40
nodes 33303 nps 951514 time 35 multipv 1 pv b8c6 g1f3 g8f6
b1c3 e7e5 f1b5 f8d6 e1g1 e8g8 d2d4 e5d4 f3d4 a7a6',
'ponder': 'g1f3',
'move': 'b8c6'}
>>> deep.setposition(['e2e4','e7e5'])
>>> deep.bestmove()
{'info': 'info depth 10 seldepth 2 score cp 40
nodes 4230 nps 1057500 time 4 multipv 1 pv g1f3 g8f6
b1c3 b8c6 f1b5 f8d6 e1g1 e8g8 d2d4 e5d4 f3d4 a7a6',
'ponder': 'g8f6',
'move': 'g1f3'}

The package also implements a Match class to play chess two engines against one another.

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pystockfish-1.0.1.tar.gz (3.8 kB view hashes)

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