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Python library for communication with Tapo Cameras

Project description


Python library for communication with Tapo Cameras


python3 -m pip install pytapo

Usage examples:

Initiate library:

from pytapo import Tapo

user = "" # user you set in Advanced Settings -> Camera Account
password = "" # password you set in Advanced Settings -> Camera Account
host = "" # ip of the camera, example:

tapo = Tapo(host, user, password)



Depending on your camera model and firmware version, the authentication method varies.

Normally you should be able to authenticate using the "camera account" created via the Tapo App (Settings > Advanced settings > Camera account).

In case of a similar stack trace:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/user/Projects/pytapo/pytapo/", line 41, in __init__
    self.basicInfo = self.getBasicInfo()
  File "/home/user/Projects/pytapo/pytapo/", line 232, in getBasicInfo
    return self.performRequest(
  File "/home/user/Projects/pytapo/pytapo/", line 95, in performRequest
  File "/home/user/Projects/pytapo/pytapo/", line 61, in ensureAuthenticated
    return self.refreshStok()
  File "/home/user/Projects/pytapo/pytapo/", line 80, in refreshStok
    raise Exception("Invalid authentication data")
Exception: Invalid authentication data

Attempt to authenticate using admin as user and your TP-Link cloud account password as password.

Downloading Recordings

Integration supports downloading recordings saved on camera's SD card.

See example script. You need to call it with following ENV values:

  • HOST: IP Address of your camera
  • PASSWORD_CLOUD: Tapo cloud account password, it is required to access the recordings, everything is still local
  • OUTPUT: Directory where you wish to save all the recordings
  • DATE: Date for which to download recordings in format of YYYYMMDD, for example 20230221.

You also need to have ffmpeg installed as that is used for converting the streams to watchable file.


Contributions to pytapo are welcomed.

By creating a PR you acknowledge and agree that you are not breaking any TOS, law and/or have a permission to provide and share the code changes.

Owner of this repository is not legally responsible for any PRs or code changes to this project created by 3rd parties.

When you make a new change to the code base, make sure to have 100% unit test coverage, see below for more information about tests.

Test instructions

Set the following environment variables:

PYTAPO_USER - user you set in Advanced Settings -> Camera Account

PYTAPO_PASSWORD - password you set in Advanced Settings -> Camera Account

PYTAPO_IP - ip of the camera, example:

Install pre-commit and tox from pip.

Run pre-commit install and pre-commit install -t pre-push.

Then run tox to run all the tests.

Linters are ran on every commit.

Tests are ran on push.

Your camera may do all the actions supported by this library, including, but not limited to, move, change privacy mode and reboot while tests are running. Camera does not format SD card during tests.

After the tests are done, your camera should be in the initial state.

Thank you


Pytapo is an unofficial module for achieving interoperability with Tapo cameras.

Author is in no way affiliated with Tp-Link or Tapo.

All the api requests used within the library are available and published on the internet (examples linked above) and this module is purely just a wrapper around those https requests.

Author does not guarantee functionality of this library and is not responsible for any damage.

All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks in this repository, are property of their respective owners.

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