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Run your tests in Bubblewrap sandboxes

Project description

This pytest plugin allows running each test in its own bubblewrap sandbox.

This means each test runs in its own isolated environment, no test has any side-effects on any other.

Basic Usage

Just install the plugin:

$ pip install pytest-bwrap

Then run your tests as usual, with a single added option:

$ py.test --bwrap

Each test will be run in its own sandbox.

Sandbox details

The sandbox will have its own filesystem, layed out as follows:

  • network access is blocked by default; (see “Options”)

  • the following are mounted read-only from the host system:

    • /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf

    • /usr (and the accompanying /bin, /lib, /sbin, with proper handling of /usr-merge)

  • the following are mounted from the host system:

    • /dev

    • /proc

    • the current directory (that is, the root of the project you are testing)

    • the active virtualenv, if running in one

  • /tmp is a new tmpfs;


Network Access

Tests can optionally be granted network access, by decorating them with pytest_bwrap.decorators.network_enabled().

Additional Read-only Directories

It is sometimes useful to have read-only directories, for example when verifying error handling in the tested functions.

This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • decorating the test function with pytest_bwrap.decorators.read_only('/path/to/ro-dir');

  • setting the extra-ro-dirs option in the pytest configuration;


A full example of how to use this plugin for testing is included.

In particular, it shows how to use the decorators as well as the pytest configuration.

You should be able to switch to that directory, then run the tests:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ py.test --bwrap

All the tests should pass.


This project is offered under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, either version 3 or any later version, see the COPYING file for details.


Initial release, with a basic feature-set to run each test in its own sandbox:

  • host file system is mounted read-only, CWD is mounted read-write;

  • network access is disabled by default but can be enabled for selected tests;

  • additional directories can be made read-only;

Project details

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