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Provide CMake module for Pytest

Project description

Pytest CMake

Test License CMake

Discover and run Python tests for Pytest with CMake. This module simplify Python automatic testing for C++ project with Python Bindings.

It works on Linux, macOS and Windows.


First, ensure that Pytest is installed on your platform by adding the following dependency in your project:

find_package(Pytest REQUIRED)

It is recommended to specify a minimum version for safety:

find_package(Pytest 4.6.11 REQUIRED)

Then add a CMake configuration file within your Python test directory with the following function:

    TRIM_FROM_NAME "^test_"
    DEPENDS example

The first argument represent the name of the CMake target which will be created. It will also be used as a prefix for all tests displayed within CTest.

Expected environment can be defined with the LIBRARY_PATH_PREPEND and PYTHON_PATH_PREPEND arguments, which both accept multiple values. In our example, we use an expression generator to link to the target used for building the Python library.

Pytest usually requires tests to start with a specific prefix, which can be trimmed using the TRIM_FROM_NAME argument.

Targets dependency can be defined with the DEPENDS argument, which accept multiple values.

By default, running CTest for the project will display the tests as follows:

    Start 1: PythonTest.greet_world
1/4 Test #1: PythonTest.greet_world ...........   Passed    0.47 sec
    Start 2: PythonTest.greet_john
2/4 Test #2: PythonTest.greet_john ............   Passed    0.47 sec
    Start 3: PythonTest.greet_julia
3/4 Test #3: PythonTest.greet_julia ...........   Passed    0.47 sec
    Start 4: PythonTest.greet_michael
4/4 Test #4: PythonTest.greet_michael .........   Passed    0.54 sec

By setting the BUNDLE_TESTS argument to True, all tests will be grouped into one CMake test:

    Start 1: PythonTest
1/1 Test #1: PythonTest .......................   Passed    0.51 sec

This argument can also be set by the BUNDLE_PYTHON_TESTS environment variable. Bundling the tests will limit the visibility of all discovered test with CTest, but it will ensure that the tests can run faster in case you are using fixture with a wider scope.

Finally, ensure that FindPytest.cmake and PytestAddTests.cmake are available via CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and do not forget to install Pytest with the required version.

An example project is available for more details.

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