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Walk your code through exception script to check it's resiliency to failures.

Project description

Plugin Tests


The goal of this pytest plugin is to allow quick and easy testing of your application's resiliency. This is accomplished by creating exception scripts / scenarios which allow you to inject exceptions into your code execution without having to repeatedly set-up tests.

This won't work for applications that have multiple processes, but should work with threads (need to do more testing). Under the hood it's just abusing monkeypatch.


Scripts can be written in YAML or TOML. Each script / scenario (these will be used interchangeably below) consists of multiple acts, each of which can have multiple actions. Scenario is successful and complete if every act in it is complete. To have your script detected: make sure it starts with chaos_ and is a toml or yaml file. It will get auto-discovered by pytest, or you can call pytest directly against the file.

Examples of config files:

Using yaml

entry-point: tests.fake_app_success.factory
next-point: tests.fake_app_success.process_data
  - tests.fake_app_success.get_data:
      - exc: KeyError, "Error in act I"
      - exc: OSError, "Custom message passed"
  - tests.fake_app_success.get_data:
      - exc: KeyError

Using toml


What's happening here?

entry-point should be a factory for your application that takes no parameters. next-point - can be specified globally, per act, or both. Once this method gets called script will move on to the next act. acts - list of acts each of which consists of actors. Each Actor is a method and an exception that it will throw if called during execution. exc - exception to raise.

So factory will be loaded and started, upon which first act starts. Every time when get_data will get called KeyError will be raised. With either a default or a custom message. Once next-point gets called next act starts. Once next-point of the last act is called the application terminates (hopefully) and all the tests get marked as complete.

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