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A plugin to sent pytest results to an Ibutsu server

Project description

This is a plugin that will report test rests from pytest to an Ibutsu server.


  • Python 3.8+

  • pytest

  • attrs


Install the plugin via pip:

pip install pytest-ibutsu

If you’re developing this plugin, you can create an editable installation:

pip install -e .

Getting started

To push your results to the Ibutsu server, use the --ibutsu option with the URL to your server:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/


To authenticate against your Ibutsu server, use the --ibutsu-token option with a token from your Ibutsu server. Go to your profile page, select tokens, and generate a token there. Copy and paste the JWT token generated into this option:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-token eyJhbGci.......CA1opEQ

More options

To set the source for the test results, use the --ibutsu-source option:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-source my-test-run

If you want to add metadata to each result’s metadata, you can use the --ibutsu-data option:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-data key=value

You can specify multiple of this option:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-data key1=value1 --ibutsu-data key2=value2

You can also specify sub-keys via dotted notation:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-data key.subkey.susbsub=value

If you need to accumulate data from multiple pytest sessions, you should provide the same UUID into ibutsu-run-id option:

pytest --ibutsu-run-id=<UUID string>

pytest --ibutsu-run-id=<the same UUID string>

The archive will be rebuilt and the data on the Ibutsu server will be updated.

Set project

If your Ibutsu server requires a project set, you can do that with the --ibutsu-project option:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-project 5eb1aff37c274bcd20002476

You can also use the project name field:

pytest --ibutsu http://ibutsu/ --ibutsu-project my-project

Offline usage

If you want to still store your results, but can’t upload immediately, the Ibutsu plugin can create an archive which you can upload later. Use archive with the --ibutsu option:

pytest --ibutsu archive

The Ibutsu plugin will save the archive in your current directory, and will print out the location.


With this plugin installed, and the configuration set up, your test results will automatically be sent to the Ibutsu server.


The plugin has its own hooks. They are defined in

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