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Pytest plugin for intercepting outgoing connection requests during pytest run.

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This package provides a plugin for pytest framework for intercepting outgoing connection requests during test runs.


The pytest-intercept-remote plugin can be installed by using:

$ pip install pytest-intercept-remote

or by:

$ git clone
$ cd pytest-intercept-remote
$ pip install .

The plugin will register automatically with pytest framework and will be ready to use.


The default dump file is .intercepted which can be overridden by:

  • either specifing intercept_dump_file in the ini file

  • or by adding -o intercept_dump_file=[dump file] option

$ pytest --intercept-remote -o intercept_dump_file=urls.json


Intercepting requests

The urls can be intercepted using --intercept-remote option;

$ pytest --intercept-remote

The tests trying to connect to internet will xfail.

Remote status

Once the requests are intercepted, they can be pinged for their status by using --remote-status=[show/only/no] option.

  • --remote-status=show will append the ping functions to pytest run;

  • --remote-status=only will only ping the requests and deselect all other tests;

$ pytest --remote-status=show
$ pytest --remote-status=only


Use tox to make sure the plugin is working:

$ git clone
$ cd pytest-intercept-remote
$ tox -e py38

See tox for more info.


This plugin is licenced under a 3-clause BSD style licence - see the LICENCE file.

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