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pytest plugin to check source code with pylint

Project description

Run pylint with pytest and have configurable rule types (i.e. Convention, Warn, and Error) fail the build. You can also specify a pylintrc file.

Sample Usage

py.test --pylint

would be the most simple usage and would run pylint for all error messages.

py.test --pylint --pylint-rcfile=/my/pyrc --pylint-error-types=EF --pylint-jobs=4

This would use the pylintrc file at /my/pyrc, only error on pylint Errors and Failures, and use 4 cores for running pylint.

You can restrict your test run to only perform pylint checks and not any other tests by typing:

py.test --pylint -m pylint


This code is heavily based on pytest-flakes


If you want to help development, there is overview documentation



  • Dropped support for pytest < 7.0 in preparation for pytest 8.0 (should work with it when it comes out)

  • Dropped support for pylint < 2.15 to work better with Python 3.11 and drop backwards compatibility code

  • Use baked in TOML support with fallback to newer tomli library thanks to mgorny


  • Corrected issues introduced by deprecations in pylint

  • Added support for Python 3.12 and dropped support for Python 3.7

  • Last version that will support pytest < 7 and pylint < 2.6


  • Switched to GitHub Actions for CI thanks to michael-k

  • Switched to using smart PyLint RC discovery thanks to bennyrowland

  • Correcting rootdir/rootpath issues in pytest >7.x

  • Deprecated support for Python <3.7


  • Added support for creating missing folders when using --pylint-output-file

  • Now when pylint’s ignore_patterns is blank, we don’t ignore all files

  • Added cache invalidation when your pylintrc changes

  • Verified support for latest pytest and Python 3.9

  • Corrected badly named nodes (duplicated path) thanks to yanqd0

  • Added tests to source distribution thanks to sbraz


  • Added support for latest pylint API >=2.5.1


  • Corrected documentation and correctly pinned dependencies properly


  • Switched to new from_parent API and added development documentation dineshtrivedi

  • Added support for toml based configuration of pylint thanks to michael-k


  • Made –no-pylint functional again


  • Added support for Python 3.8 thanks to michael-k

  • Implemented option to output Pylint results to a reports file thanks to jose-lpa

  • Refactored into simpler plugin structure


  • Corrected pytest-pylint to properly support -p no:cacheprovider thanks to yanqd0


  • Added support for Pylint’s ignore-patterns for regex based ignores thanks to khokhlin

  • pytest-pylint now caches successful pylint checks to speedup test reruns when files haven’t changed thanks to yanqd0


  • Python 3.7 compatibility verified

  • Ignore paths no longer match partial names thanks to heoga


  • jamur2 corrected issue where file paths where not being output properly on lint failures.


  • Resolved issue where failing files weren’t reported thanks to reports from skirpichev and jamur2


  • Corrected a bug preventing this plugin from working with py.test >= 3.7.0.


  • jwkvam added progress output during linting.


  • Added option --no-pylint to override --pylint for cases when it’s turned on by default.


  • jwkvam provided support for pylint 2.0


  • noisecapella added an option to run pylint with multiple processes


  • bdrung corrected inconsistent returns in a function

  • Dropped Python 3.3 support



  • Linting is performed before tests which enables code duplication checks to work along with a performance boost, thanks to @heoga

Project details

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