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pytest servers

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Create temporary directories on the following filesystems:


You can install pytest servers via pip from PyPI:

$ pip install pytest-servers

To use temporary S3 paths:

$ pip install pytest-servers[s3]

To use temporary Azure paths

$ pip install pytest-servers[azure]

To use temporary Google Cloud Storage paths

$ pip install pytest-servers[gcs]

To install all extras:

$ pip install pytest-servers[all]


The main fixture provided by pytest-servers provides is tmp_upath_factory, which can be used to generate temporary paths on different (mocked) filesystems:

def test_something_on_s3(tmp_upath_factory):
    path = tmp_upath_factory.mktemp("s3")
    foo = path / "foo"

mktemp supports the following filesystem types:

  • local (local filesystem)

  • memory (in-memory filesystem)

  • s3 (Amazon S3)

  • gcs (Google Cloud Storage)

  • azure (Azure Storage)

Some convenience fixtures that wrap tmp_upath_factory.mktemp and return a paths on these filesystems are also available:

  • tmp_local_path

  • tmp_memory_path

  • tmp_s3_path

  • tmp_gcs_path

  • tmp_azure_path

The tmp_upath fixture can be used for parametrizing paths with pytest’s indirect parametrization:

@pytest.mark.parametrize("tmp_upath", ["local", "s3", "gcs"], indirect=True]) # noqa: E501
def test_something(tmp_upath):

In order to use real remotes instead of mocked ones, use tmp_upath_factory with the following methods

  • tmp_upath_factory.s3(region_name, endpoint_url)

  • tmp_upath_factory.gcs(endpoint_url)


Versioning support can be used by using the versioning fixture. This is currently supported for s3 and gcs remotes

# using mktemp
def test_something_on_s3_versioned(tmp_upath_factory):
    path = tmp_upath_factory.mktemp("s3", version_aware=True)
    assert path.fs.version_aware # bucket has versioning enabled

# or, using remote-specific fixtures
def test_something_on_s3_versioned(tmp_s3_path, versioning):
    assert tmp_s3_path.fs.version_aware # bucket has versioning enabled


Contributions are very welcome. To learn more, see the Contributor Guide.


Distributed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, pytest servers is free and open source software.


If you encounter any problems, please file an issue along with a detailed description.

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