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Library pytest-spec2md is a pytest plugin to create a markdown specification while running pytest.

Project description


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This project is an add-on to pytest. It generates a markdown files as specification, while running the tests.

This project is inspired by pytest-spec and pytest-honors .

Getting started

Install the module using pip.

pip install pytest-spec2md

Then you can activate the module using --spec2md Parameter when calling pytest. You should set --spec2md-version to embed this value in the final document.

You find the generated markdown files under docs folder, if not changed in config.


You can change the target directory using the parameter spec_target_file.

test_spec_target_file = path/to/target/test/spec/file
spec_source_file = path/to/source/spec/file
spec_target_file = path/to/target/spec/with/test/file

Using markers

The plugin provides the marker func_reference. This marker can be used to connect a test_case with the testing object. The name of testing object will than be added to the documentation. If an optional documentation is provided, this will also be displayed.

The marker can be used at every layer of testing object, so you can also use it at a class.

Furthermore, it provides the marker spec_identifier. This identifier can be used, to connect tests with the identifier in the specification document.

Additionally, there is the marker test_type. This can be used to define the type of the test to be displayed in the specification document. The default displayed is UnitTest. The module provides an enum with some default types to use, own types can be used as well.


import pytest
from pytest_spec2md import TestType

def function_to_ref():
    """ Simple doc comment
    with two lines

@pytest.mark.func_reference(function_to_ref.__name__, function_to_ref.__doc__)
def test_use_a_reference_in_doc():
    assert True

def test_uses_identifier_from_spec():
    assert True

def test_this_is_a_performance_test():
    assert True

This is how the identifier should be used on a specification file.

# Specification File

Here you find more information for the requirement.

<!-- TestRef: Spec.FuntionA -->

As a result, a block is added at each position of the comment <!-- TestRef: add_reference_here -->. Therefore, the comment has to be a single line. After this comment the information about the referenced tests are added.


Examples for the usage can be found here: UseCases on GitHub

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