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Pytest plugin for sending report to testrail system.

Project description

Pytest Testrail Integrator.

Pytest-testrail-integrator is a pytest extension for reporting test results to Testrail.

Pytest-testrail-integrator gives an ability to send test results to specific testrail run or can create new one during test execution. Fully compatible with xdist parallelization tool.


pip install pytest-testrail-integrator


In order to link pytest test to testrail case you need to mark test with or tr_case decorator with testcase id passing as argument.

import pytest

from pytest_testrail_integrator.client import tr_case'98765')  # Use raw pytest marker.
def test_sum():
    assert 1 + 1 == 2

@tr_case('987654')  # Use custom decorator.
def test_divide():
    assert 2 / 1 == 2

Test case id must not start with "C" char and can be either string or integer.

Main flow overview.

At startup plugin checks if the Testrail run id is passed or not. If not passed - plugin will create new test run by itself. Then during tests execution testrail tests will be updated in real time.

Config for TestRail

  • All required configs can be loaded from virtual environment variables(higher priority) :


  • Add options to pytest.ini file.


In order to start tests with Pytest-Message you must provide --tr-reporting flag:

pytest tests --tr-reporting

All available command line options.

option description
--tr-reporting Create and update testruns with TestRail
--tr-deselect-tests If pass testrun id only. Selects only tests which have been marked with case decorator with appropriate case id. Other tests are marked as deselected and not started in test execution.

All available pytest.ini options.

option description
tr_api_url Testrail api url.
tr_run_id Testrail test run id. If passed test reports are linked to this particular test run.
tr_user_email Testrail User email for API authentication.
tr_user_password Testrail User password for API authentication.
tr_project_id Testrail Project Id. Required for new test run creation if Test Run Id is not passed.
tr_suite_id Testrail Suite Id. Required for new test run creation if Test Run Id is not passed.
tr_tb Traceback level in testrail message reports. ['short', 'long'] options. Short is selected by default.


pytest_tr_generate_run_name(config: pytest.Config) - > str:

Executes for generating new testrail run name right before create test run request is sent. Takes first hook result.

pytest_tr_generate_run_description(config) - > str:

Executes for generating new testrail run description right before create test run request is sent. Takes first hook result.

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