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A pytest plugin to upload results to TestRail.

Project description

Create and update testplans and/or testruns in TestRail based on pytest results. Test functions marked with a TestRail case ID will have their results sent to TestRail.

This project preserves the functionality of the deprecated pytest-testrail project.

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Key features:

  • Configurable: Handle results in whichever way makes sense for your project.

  • Powerful: Handle complex use cases via a simple interface to the TestRail API.

  • Flexible: Fully compatible with pytest.parametrize(), pytest-xdist, and pytest-rerunfailures.


import pytest

def test_all_the_things():
  doit = True
  assert doit

Getting Started


Via pip:

pip install pytest-testrail2

Plugin Configuration

The following values are required:

  • A valid TestRail instance URL.

  • A valid email address for a user on the instance.

  • A valid API key for the user.

They can be set on the command line via the follow flags:


Alternatively, they can be set via a pytest configuration file:


Marking Tests


The case_id marker takes a string which must match an existing TestRail testcase. Only tests with this marker will be added to the TestRail testrun.

import pytest

# This test's results will be uploaded.
def test_all_the_things():

# This test's results will not be uploaded.
def test_all_the_other_things():


The ‘defect_ids’ marker takes a list of strings. These will be used in the defect field in TestRail. This is useful for tests with known failures.

Typically these are IDs for your bug tracking software.

import pytest

@pytest.mark.defect_ids(['JS-7001', 'JS-9001'])
def test_all_the_things():

Running Pytest

The –testrail command-line flag must be present to upload results:

pytest --testrail



  • --testrail Activate the TestRail plugin.

  • --tr-url Web address used to access a TestRail instance.

  • --tr-email E-mail address for an account on the TestRail instance.

  • --tr-password Password for an account on the TestRail instance.

  • --tr-timeout Timeout for connecting to a TestRail server.

  • --tr-no-ssl-cert-check Do not check for valid SSL certificate on TestRail host.


  • --tr-run-id ID of an existing testrun in TestRail. If specified, the testrun matching the ID will be used instead of creating a new testrun. If given, --tr-testrun-name will be ignored.

  • --tr-testrun-name Name used for a new testrun in TestRail.

  • --tr-testrun-description Description used for a new testrun in TestRail.

  • --tr-testrun-assignedto-id ID of the user to be assigned to the testrun.

  • --tr-testrun-project-id ID of the project the testrun will be created in.

  • --tr-testrun-suite-id ID of the suite the testrun will be created in.

  • --tr-testrun-suite-include-all Include all test cases in the specified testsuite for a new testrun.

  • --tr-milestone-id ID of milestone used in testrun creation.

  • --tr-skip-missing Skip pytest test functions with marks that are not present in a specified testrun.


  • --tr-plan-id ID of an existing testplan to use. If given, --tr-testrun-name will be ignored.


  • --tr-version Specify a version in testcase results.

  • --tr-close-on-complete On pytest completion, close the testrun.

  • --tr-dont-publish-blocked Do not publish results of “blocked” testcases (in TestRail).

  • --tr-custom-comment Custom text appended to comment for all testcase results.

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