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Pytest plugin to add a timestamp prefix to the pytest output

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Pytest plugin to add a timestamp prefix to the pytest output.

➜ myproject python3 -m pytest -v
==================================== test session starts ====================================
platform darwin -- Python 3.9.4, pytest-6.3.0.dev494+g43faea832.d20210528, py-1.10.0, ...
cachedir: .pytest_cache
rootdir: /Users/user/myproject
plugins: timestamper-0.1.dev14+gaacde4a
collected 3 items

[2021-06-06 12:19:06] tests/ PASSED                            [ 33%]
[2021-06-06 12:19:06] tests/ PASSED                        [ 66%]
[2021-06-06 12:19:06] tests/ PASSED                    [100%]

===================================== 3 passed in 0.02s =====================================


For various reasons tests can be slower on some runs than other. However, without a timestamp in front of the test it is not clear to the user how long the current test has been taking. This plugin adds a simple timestamp in front of the pytest output.


pip install pytest-timestamper


To activate the plugin one simply needs to install it. The user can update the format of the prefix with the --prefixfmt and the datetime format with --datefmt.

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