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Cloud Jira Test Management (TM4J) PyTest reporter plugin

Project description

Project summary

Pytest plugin which allows to upload test execution result to TM4J Cloud version. Plugin works on the top of the json-reporter pytest plugin and tm4j_reporter_api library.

Install and setup

How to build

python sdist

How to install

# PyPi
pip install pytest-tm4j-reporter
# Git
pip install git+ssh://

Plugin configuration

Create pytest.ini within your project and put the variables there (see below table)

Param Mandatory Description Example
tm4j_project_prefix Yes Jira / TM4J project prefix without trailing dash QT
tm4j_api_key Yes API key to access TM4j. To get it see Instruction
tm4j_testcycle_key No TM4J existing test cycle key. A new test cycle created if not specified R40
tm4j_testcycle_prefix No Prefix for new test cycle. Default: autoreport. Full test cycle name is "<prefix> <day-month-year hh:mm:ss UTC>". e.g. "14-Jul-2020 16:41:24 UTC" Login autotests
tm4j_testcycle_description No Description for the new test cycle. A description for the existing test cycle won't be changed Update v14.43.136
tm4j_project_webui_host No Jira server base host. If provided will generate a link to a newly created test cycle
tm4j_result_mapping No How to map test result - Pytest vs TM4J. tm4j-default (default) or pytest. see "Result mapping" section tm4j-default


tm4j_project_prefix = QT
tm4j_api_key = eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhb
tm4j_testcycle_key = R40
tm4j_testcycle_prefix = login tests
tm4j_testcycle_description = Update v14.43.136 
tm4j_project_webui_host =


Writing the tests

To be able to report your test to TM4J your test names should follow convetion: test_T<TM4J test id>_the_rest_of_test_name. So workflow will be:

  • Create test case in TM4J (from UI)
  • Notice it's unique id
  • Create test in pytest with TM4J prefix in name.

Let's say in TM4J project with project key QT full test key is QT-T1234. In this case in pytest it should be created like

def test_T1234_login_as_user():
    ...test code goes here

Result mapping

Pytest has test result status names different from TM4J
The mapping is configured via tm4j_result_mapping parameter (optional)

Possible values: tm4j-default (default), pytest
By default, the statuses are mapped according to the following scheme:

Pytest TM4J Description
passed Pass
failed Fail
skipped Not executed
xfailed Pass Failed, as it should
xpassed Fail Should fail, but was passed

TM4J test result statuses are configurable
For more precise mapping, pytest statuses can be added to TM4J via its UI

Pytest TM4J
passed Pass
failed Fail
skipped Skip
xfailed xFail
xpassed xPass

tm4j_result_mapping=pytest will activate this scheme


It is possible to add and report additional metadata using tm4j_r fixture. Currently supported only comment. Example:

def test_T1701_my_test(tm4j_r):
    tm4j_r.comment = 'Here might be some comment for this test<br>second line here<br>third line here'

The published comment field will also contain a crash info in case if the test execution fails. Example:

crash info:
path: /opt/work/tm4j_reporter_pytest/tests/common/
lineno: 17
message: assert False

Please note that if you use tm4j_r fixture you won't be able to run the test without enabling plugin --tm4j

How to run

Finally we're ready to run our test(s) with reporting to TM4J. It is simple as just run pytest with --tm4j option
--tm4j-no-publish flag can be used if you don't want to publish your execution results to TM4J

pytest --tm4j


  • .report.json file created in CWD
  • The file is overwritten each time
  • Execution result is uploaded to TM4J

Developer notes

  • Line wrapping border = 120 chars


This software is licensed under the MIT License

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