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Local continuous test runner with pytest and watchdog.

Project Description

pytest-watch -- Continuous pytest runner

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**pytest-watch** a zero-config CLI tool that runs [pytest][], and re-runs it
when a file in your project changes. It beeps on failures and can run arbitrary
commands on each passing and failing test run.


Whether or not you use the test-driven development method, running tests
continuously is far more productive than waiting until you're finished
programming to test your code. Additionally, manually running `py.test` each
time you want to see if any tests were broken has more wait-time and cognitive
overhead than merely listening for a notification. This could be a crucial
difference when debugging a complex problem or on a tight deadline.


$ pip install pytest-watch


$ cd myproject
$ ptw
* Watching /path/to/myproject

*Note: It can also be run using its full name ``.*

Now develop normally and check the terminal every now and then to see if any
tests are broken. Alternatively, pytest-watch can **notify you** when tests
pass or fail:

- **OSX**

`$ ptw --onpass "say passed" --onfail "say failed"`

$ ptw --onpass "growlnotify -m \"All tests passed!\"" \
--onfail "growlnotify -m \"Tests failed\""

using [GrowlNotify][].

- **Windows**

> ptw --onfail flash

using [Console Flash][]

You can also run a command before the tests run, e.g. seeding your test database:

$ ptw --beforerun

Or after they finish, e.g. deleting a sqlite file. Note that this script receives
the exit code of `py.test` as an argument.

$ ptw --afterrun

You can also use a custom runner script for full `py.test` control:

$ ptw --runner "python"

Here's an minimal runner script that runs `py.test` and prints its exit code:


import sys
import pytest

print('py.test exited with code:', pytest.main(sys.argv[1:]))

Need to exclude directories from being observed or collected for tests?

$ ptw --ignore ./deep-directory --ignore ./integration_tests

For more information and for the full list of options, run:

$ ptw --help


CLI options can be added to a `[pytest-watch]` section in your
[pytest.ini file][pytest.ini] to persist them in your project. For example:

# pytest.ini

addopts = --maxfail=2

ignore = ./integration-tests
nobeep = True


- [xdist][] offers the `--looponfail` (`-f`) option (and distributed testing
options). This instead re-runs only those tests which have failed until you
make them pass. This can be a speed advantage when trying to get all tests
passing, but leaves out the discovery of new failures until then. It also
drops the colors outputted by py.test, whereas pytest-watch doesn't.
- [Nosey][] is the original codebase this was forked from. Nosey runs [nose][]
instead of pytest.


1. Check the open issues or open a new issue to start a discussion around
your feature idea or the bug you found
2. Fork the repository, make your changes, and add yourself to [][]
3. Send a pull request

If your PR has been waiting a while, feel free to [ping me on Twitter][twitter].

Use this software often? Please consider [supporting pytest-watch][support].

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