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A python API client library for the US Bureau of Economic Analysis

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Python Bureau Of Economic Analysis API Client

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An Python API client used to pull and retrieve data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Grab an API Key

To grab an API key, you'll need to setup an account with the Bureau Of Economic Analysis. Go to the API Homepage and fill out the register form on the left hand side. Once filled out an API key will be sent to your email.


Right now, the library is not hosted on PyPi so you will need to do a local install on your system if you plan to use it in other scrips you use.

First, clone this repo to your local system. After you clone the repo, make sure to run the file, so you can install any dependencies you may need. To run the file, run the following command in your terminal.

pip install python-bea

This will install all the dependencies listed in the file. Once done you can use the library wherever you want.


Here is a simple example of using the pybea library to grab a list of the different datasets availabel.

from pprint import pprint
from pybea.client import BureauEconomicAnalysisClient

# Initalize the new Client.
bea_client = BureauEconomicAnalysisClient(api_key='YOUR_API_KEY_HERE')

# Grab the Dataset List.
dataset_list = bea_client.get_dataset_list()

You will note the output of the above code would look like the following:

  "BEAAPI": {
    "Request": {
      "RequestParam": [
          "ParameterName": "METHOD",
          "ParameterValue": "GETPARAMETERLIST"
          "ParameterName": "RESULTFORMAT",
          "ParameterValue": "JSON"
    "Results": {
      "Parameter": [
          "ParameterName": "GeoFips",
          "ParameterDataType": "string",
          "ParameterDescription": "Comma-delimited list of 5-character geographic codes; COUNTY for all counties, STATE for all states, MSA for all MSAs, MIC for all Micropolitan Areas, PORT for all state metro/nonmetro portions, DIV for all Metropolitan Divisions, CSA for all Combined Statistical Areas, state post office abbreviation for all counties in one state (e.g. NY)",
          "ParameterIsRequiredFlag": "1",
          "MultipleAcceptedFlag": "1"
          "ParameterName": "Year",
          "ParameterDataType": "string",
          "ParameterDescription": "Comma-delimted list of years; LAST5 for latest 5 years; LAST10 for latest 10 years; ALL for all years",
          "ParameterIsRequiredFlag": "0",
          "ParameterDefaultValue": "LAST5",
          "MultipleAcceptedFlag": "1"

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