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Python client library for Box View API

Project description

Python client library for Box View API


The easiest way to install the latest version is by using pip/easy_install to pull it from PyPI:

pip install python-boxview

You may also use Git to clone the repository from Github and install it manually:

git clone
python install


Box View API uses token-based authentication. You need create application and generate api token at Box Developes Portal. Then use the token to create instance

from boxview import boxview

api = boxview.BoxView('<your box view api key>')

Alternatively, token can be set by environment variable BOX_VIEW_API_KEY.


python-boxview supports all methods from Box View API. List of methods and parameters description can be found here

import os
from boxview import boxview

api = boxview.BoxView('<your box view api key>')

# upload file to create new document
doc = api.create_document(file='python-boxview.pdf', name='python-boxview')

# create new document from public url
doc = api.create_document(url='')

doc_id = doc['id']

# retrieve existings document
doc1 = api.get_document(doc_id)

# list all uploaded documents for your api key
all_docs = api.get_documents(limit=10)

# update name of existing document
doc1 = api.update_document(doc_id, name='python-boxview')

# check that document ready to view

# start view session for document
session = api.create_session(doc_id, duration=300)

ses_id = session['id']

# get link to box viewer

# retrieve original document content to string
content, mimetype = api.get_document_content_to_string(doc_id)

# retrieve pdf version of document to file
api.get_document_content_to_file('python-boxview.pdf', doc_id, extension='.pdf')

# retrieve mimetype of original document content
mimetype = api.get_document_content_mimetype(doc_id)

# create webhook

# create S3 storage profile
api.create_storage_profile('S3', 'super-awesome-bucket', 'AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE', 'wJalrXUtnFEMI/K7MDENG/bPxRfiCYzEXAMPLEKEY')

# and delete document

Dealing with Rate Limiting

import time
from boxview import boxview

api = boxview.BoxView('<your box view api key>')

document_id = '2da6cf9261824fb0a4fe532f94d14625'
retry, max_retry = 0, 3
while True:
        api.get_thumbnail_to_file('thumbnail_100x100.png', document_id, 100, 100)
        break  # ok, thumbnail saved
    except boxview.RetryAfter as e:
        retry += 1
        if retry <= max_retry:
            time.sleep(e.seconds) # waiting for next call
            raise  # failed after `max_retry` attempts, exit with exception


The MIT License (MIT)

Contributed by Maxim Kamenkov

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