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Python client for [](

[Client documentation](

## Tests

Install tox:

$ pip install tox

For running tests you need to provide all required ENV variables. For example next command will fail:

$ tox ValueError: You should provide “DEFORM_HOST” environ for settings

You can send variables with command:

$ DEFORM_HOST=‘“”’ tox

The more convenient way would be to create a .test_config file a save data there. This file is ignored by git and won’t be commited.

$ cat .test_config DEFORM_HOST=‘“”’ DEFORM_EMAIL=’””’ DEFORM_PASSWORD=‘“hello”’ …

You can run tests with config from file like this:

$ eval $(cat .test_config) tox

All config values must be specified with JSON types.

Running tests just for one environment:

$ eval $(cat .test_config) tox -e py3

Running tests from directory:

$ eval $(cat .test_config) tox -e py3 – tests.unit.client

Running the specific test case:

$ eval $(cat .test_config) tox -e py3 – tests.unit.client.tests:ClientTest__login

### Codestyle

Checking for pep:

$ tox -e flake8

Checking for imports:

$ tox -e isort

If you have any problems with imports just run automatic manual fix:

$ tox -e isort-fix

### Documentation

Documentation is generated by [](

$ pip install -r requirements/docs.txt $ invoke build-docs

For development:

$ invoke serve-docs

## Publishing new releases

Increment version in pydeform/ For example:

__version__ = ‘0.0.2’ # from 0.0.1

Run tests.

Commit changes with message “Version 0.0.2”

Publish to pypi:

$ python publish

Add new tag version for commit:

$ git tag 0.0.2

Push to master with tags:

$ git push origin master –tags

## Todo:

  • Python 3 support

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