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Super easy access to configuration file, by pretty interface

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ezconfig is a Python library for easy formatting config file right from the terminal.

Press ENTER and run your code, or change varialables right there!

ezconfig can also use different variable types, use different styles, and highlight mistakes, if there are any.



Requires Python 3.7 or later.

Install with pip or your favorite PyPI package manager.

pip install python-ezconfig

Get started with 2 lines of code

from ezconfig import EzConfig

ez = EzConfig("VAR1", "VAR2", ...)

# {'VAR1': ..., 'VAR2': ...}

Advanced usage

If you want to set default value, or prevent the user from leaving the variable empty, or set value type (instance) - use KeyPrompt

from ezconfig import EzConfig, KeyPrompt

ez = EzConfig(
    KeyPrompt("DELAY", value_type=float, default_value=5),
    KeyPrompt("LINK", value_type=str, can_be_empty=False),
    KeyPrompt("USE_PROXY", value_type=bool, can_be_empty=False),
    KeyPrompt("USE_CACHE", value_type=bool, can_be_empty=False, default_value=False),

If user will input string value in DELAY, then he will get this warning:

And it works with many other types, such as int, bool, float, str...

As well, if you pass argument can_be_empty=False, the user will not be able to run your script without filling this field.

Then you can access this variables

# 28     # Note, you get a right types, int, not "28"
# False
# bool

Note: You always able to access configuration from config file as well

you can change this file by passing saving_json={file} to EzConfig()


class - ezconfig.EzConfig

Allows super easy access to configuration file

To user, using easy interface,
and to you, just by 'EzConfig.config' dictionary <3

    *key_prompts (KeyPrompt | str), Prompts, to ask user for. Required.
    saving_json (Path | str, optional): path to json file to save config into. Defaults to "config.json".
    show_index (bool, optional): True/False to show numbers column for rows. Defaults to True.
    show_lines (bool, optional): True/False to show separation horizontal lines. Defaults to False.
    clean_console (bool, optional): True/False to clean up console between printing. Defaults to True.
    title (str, optional): The title of the table rendered at the top.. Defaults to None.
    caption (str, optional): The table caption rendered below.. Defaults to None.
    headers (Union[str, str], optional): Column headers, example: ("Key", "Value"). Defaults to None.
    box (box.Box, optional): One of the constants in used to draw the edges (see :ref:`appendix_box`), or ``None`` for no box lines. Defaults to box.ROUNDED.
    style (StyleType, optional): Default style for the table. Defaults to "bold white".
    column_styles (Union[StyleType, StyleType], optional): Union of 2 row styles. Defaults to ("bold cyan", "bold green").
    console (Console, optional): Optional <rich.console.Console> object, if you want to use your custom rich console. Defaults to None.
    configure_text (str, optional): Text that shows up when the configure method is used. Defaults to None.

EzConfig class methods:

ezconfig.EzConfig.configure() - Main method, prints configuration table and enables editing mode.

ezconfig.EzConfig.print_config() - Just prints config table, nothing more.

class - ezconfig.KeyPrompt

Defines a key-value prompt for EzConfig.

    key (str): Key name, must be str.
    default_value (str, optional): Will be default value if there are no saved values. Defaults to None.
    can_be_empty (bool, optional): True/False. Defaults to True.
    value_type (ValueType, optional): Value will be passed instance. Defaults to str.

there is no methods for this class.

That's all, thank you for your attention <3, here u can buy me a coffee

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